Adventure Games

Monster Bark

Save your friends!


Explore a mysterious world

Hero In The Ocean 2

Find the treasures!

Elventales The Arcanery

Awesome dungeon adventure

Dame Celeste

Escape the dungeon!

Jelly Dad Hero

Be the hero!

Steam Rogue

Steam adventure

Monkey Go Happy Dragon

Make the monkey happy

Stolen Sword

Retrieve your sword

Glitch Lab

Beat the glitches in this game

Robo Trobo

Repair the mechanisms!

The Sun for the Vampire

Adventures of a vampire!

Monkey Go Happy Sci Fi 2

Save the space monkeys

Trollface Quest 5

It's Troll Cup time!


Transport the smileys!

Dream Hopper

Survive in a dream!

Monkey Go Happy Sci Fi

Help the space monkeys

A Kitty Dream

Explore the dream world

Escape From JIG

Escape from the games lab!


What happens in dreams?

Last Legacy 2

Explore the new worlds

The Blue Beanie

Get your beanie back

Land Of Enki

Old school adventure

Be Fireman

Life of a fireman

Phobi Jones

Jungle temple adventure

Egg Knight

Hatch your knights!

Dangerous Adventure

One big adventure!


A short story platformer

The Cursed Knight

Escape the dungeon!

Tales Of Carmelot

Find the missing gold

Chasing Raisin

Chase that raisin!

Monkey Go Happy Balloons

Pop those balloons!

Haunted House Tours

Escape the haunted house

The Library

Be the detective!


Space adventure awaits!

Lils Quest

A tiny adventure!

Saving The Company

Save your business!

Pursuit Of Hat 2

Get that hat!

Into The Wild

Explore the island!

The Great House Escape

Escape from the house!

Submachine 4 The Lab

Explore the lab!

Halo And Pixy

Alien wants kitty!

The Great Basement Escape

Colorful escape game

The Valley Rule

Find a way out!

Just Button

A very special button

Under Soul

Reunite the block and his soul

Vortex Point 4

Solve the mystery


Funny prison escape


Feed the world!

Koala Kid

Help the Koala kid!

Monkey Go Happy Easter

Easter Monkeys

Red Warrior

Free your friends!

Zombie Flood

Escape from the zombies!

Be Alien

Escape from the alien ship

Shape Shifter

Shape-shifting adventure

Level Editor 3

Survive in level editor!

Sneaky Dex

Robot adventure

Monkey Go Happy Tales

Monkeys in fairy tale!

Planet Adventure

Escape the unknown planet

Ditto Game

Mirrored adventure


Meet your girlfriend!

Nunchuck Charlie A Love Story

Save Mr Teddington!

Frizzle Fraz 4

Fun Frizzles adventure

The I of It

Reunite the letters!


A steam adventure!

Submachine 9

Explore the mysterious temple

Aliens Hurry Home

Help the cute alien

Droids Steal For Me

Help the nerdy robber


Listen and explore

A Ghostly Journey

Travel with the ghost

Two Pipes 3

The pipe story continues

3 Pandas in Brazil

Pandas go to Brazil!

Copy Shot

Copy-paste your way to freedom!


Funny creature adevnture

Monkey Go Happy Adventure

Make the monkey happy

Time Swap

Time-travelling platformer

Mimou Escape 2

Save the cat!

Harry Quantum 4

Be a docstar!

Teleporter Escape

Can you unlock the door?

Back In Time 2

Back to the nineties!

Monkey Go Happy Mayhem

Monkey mayhem!

Cam The Camera

Help Cam the camera!

Pandesal Boy

Bring back the bread!

Winchester Dakota

Find the ruby!


Lumberjohn's adventure

Clobe The Portal Adventure

Restore the Portal System


The epic gecko story!

Lost Astronaut

Welcome to space!

Where is 2014

Wake up, 2014!

Where is 2012

Find the New Year!

Go Under

Defy the laws of physics!

Fever Blue

Explore the strange world


Can you survive?

Monkey Go Happy Xmas Time

It's happy monkey time!

The Everloom

Explore the dreamland

The Choice

Reach for your loved one


End the age of darkness!

Hero In The Ocean

Save the divers!

Jerrys Merry Christmas

Hang the mistletoe!

Caved In

Escape the cave!


Defeat the monster!

High Sky

Magic story about friends

Kveendolnitza 2

Explore the quirky world

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Survive in the dungeons!


Become anything!

Happy Hero

Find all the endings!

Monkey Go Happy Elevators

Elevator monkeys!

Home Sheep Home Lost in Space

Space sheep!

Easy Joe 2

Bunny mischief!


Repair your ship's motor!


Return home!

Hippo The Brave Knight

Help Hippo!

Kolobok Level Pack

Kolobok is back!

Tape Hunter

Chase the music!

I Am Sticky

Get sticky!

Final Charge

Activate the beacons!

Bring Me The Star

Collect the star shards!

Headless Zombie

Reclaim your castle!

10 Gnomes In Dubrovnik

Find the gnomes!

Gentle Gravity

Save your wife!

Escape From 26

Help Lilly escape!

Wheely 2

Save your friend!


Get in the box

Daymare Town 4

Explore the Daymare town

How Smart Are You

Test your IQ!


Find your way back!

Ninja Land

Save your princess!


Explore the desert!

Gravity Plex

Gravity twisting puzzle


Collect the treasures!

Golden Intuition

Test your intuition!

The Cave Of Heroes

Explore the Cave of Heroes!

Nelly 2 Episode 1

Survive in the forest!

Monkey Go Happy Marathon

Mischief marathon!

Beard Guy Goes Surfing

Go surfing!

Last Legacy

Save the village!


Explore the bunker

Lost Dream Episode 1

Escape a strange planet!

Once In The Cave

Be a wizard!


Release your inner self!

Transmorpher 2

Escape the alien lab


Reach the exit!

Harry Quantum 3

Explore the cheese carnival

Plumber Pickle

Plumber adventure


Restore your soul!

Frank N Slime

Escape the laboratory!

Icarus Needs

What do you need?

Monkey Go Happy The Castle

Save the little monkeys!


Save the cats!

My Undead Neighbors 3

Uncover the ancient treasure!

Comicbook Cody

Get your books back!

Bob The Robber 2

Help the robber hero

Hopy Quest

Funny dragon adventure

Daymare Cat

Explore the mystery castle


Dumb robot adventure

Escape from Prison

A daring escape!


The world of words!


Survive in the caves!

Crossroads the Haze

Battle at the crossroads

Habla Kadabla

Get your money back!

Tamus Adventure

Stop the pollution!


Claim your prize!

Gum Drop Hop 3

Candyland adventure

Cave Boogies

Explore the caves


Make people happy!

Flip And Go

Get the candy!

Grand Banda

Grannies adventure

Red Ball 4 Vol 2

Don't become square!

Ghostly Me

Life of a tiny ghost

Monkey Go Happy 6

Make monkeys happy!

Mr Tart

Get in the box!

Pretentious Game 2

Break free!

Hurry Up Ant

Help the ant find his friends!


Explore the world

This Is Not A Minimalist Game

Restore the world!

Zombie Payback

Hack and slash zombies!

Jump Over Danger

Hop over everything!

Frizzle Fraz Round 3

Save the Frizzles!

Lost Fluid

Restore the life!

Valdis The Viking

Get the Vikings legacy back!

Lucas Quest Backwards

Go back in time!

The Other Half

Meet your other half

Towing Truck

Tow the broken cars!

Mimou Escape

Escape from the carrier!

Crate Run

Run Crate, run!

Utopian Mining

Rebuild the city!


Roll, don't jump!

3 Pandas Night

Adventure continues!

Robot Phone Home

Phone home!


Resonate your way through

Two Pipes 2

Hop in the pipe!

Fatty Genius Time Travels

Travel in time!

A Rabbit Fable

Save your friend!

Agent James Box

Get the diamond back!

Kiwi Hood

Stop the evil emperor!


It's year 2039!

400 Years

Stop the disaster!

Super Sub Hero

Defeat the wizard

Agent Woof

Agent Woof is on a mission!


Escape the lab!

Dave In The Cave

Help Dave escape the cave!

Drake and the Wizards 2

Fight the evil dragon!


Explore Enola

Shapik The Quest

Little forest adventure


Collects coins, shoves boxes!

Tickets 4 Love

Ask her out for a date!

Where is 2013

Restore the energy!

Monkey Go Happy Christmas

Make it a happy Christmas!

Fallen King

Get your kingdom back!

Prince Edward

Little prince is bored!

Bazooka Boy

Blow up gold

Next Please

Who's next?


Car escape

Monkey Go Happy Minimonkeys 3

More mini monkey madness!

Pix City

Live in Pix city!

Snail Bob 3

Snail Bob in Egypt!



Monster Detective

Noir detective game

Quick Escape Jail

Can you escape the jail?

Qubed Mysterious Island

Cubic adventure

Humbug 2

A total humbug!

The Last Dino


The Proposal

Get back your girlfriend!

Stickmans Great Adventure

Adventures of the stickman

Flawed Dimension

Escape the dark world

Steampunk Odyssey

Help Abe escape!

Dark Ride Escape

Escape the abandoned ride!

Hood Episode 4

Find the girl!

Tribot Fighter

Warrior with three souls

Red Ball 4

Defeat the evil square blob!

Monkey Go Happy Minimonkeys

Find the mini monkeys!

Stickmans Dream

Help Stickman return to Stickworld!

Steampack c64 edition

Old school fun!


Bring the ghosts back!

The First Fire

Light the first fire ever!


Metal ball adventures

Machine man Alliance

Robot teamplay adventure!

Pheus and Mor

Embark on a journey!

Billy Square

Box-throwing fun!


Change your perspective!

Wedding Fiasco

Escape your wedding!

Big Little Plagiary 3

Stylish little platformer

Purple Planet

Find your dog!

Bit Dungeon

Escape the bit dungeon!

Creatively Complicated

Be creative!

Wheres My Cat

Help old lady find her cat!

Lost Robot

Find your way out!

13 Worms

Save the crops!

Acorn Story

Find your Acorn


Fight the bad dreams!


Help Eine and Kleine!

Droid Land

Droid adventures

Doraemon and the king kong

Save your friend!


Explore and mine minerals!

Kumba vs the Evil Penguin

Save the princess!


Escape the Frankentory!

I Saw Her Standing There

A fun platformer with love!

Green Love

Help Mr.Frog find way home

Jelly Escape

How quick can you escape?

Cave Chaos

Adventure through a cave network


Fast forward your life!

Soldier Diary

Life of a soldier

Sophie In Time

Find a way back home!

Home Sheep Home 2

Help Shaun the Sheep

Covert Front 4

Spy adventure!

Super Big Gun Adventure

One gun to rule them all!

Football Heat

Reach the final match!

Kangaroo Adventure

Help the brave kangaroo!

Burglar Hunt

Track down the burglar!


Find the missing pieces!

Sheriff Chase

Chase the bandit!

The Spell Breaker Quest

Let the epic adventure begin!


Don't get married!

Bermuda Diver

Explore the seabed!

Teddy Bears Adventure

Little Teddy is hungry

Ant with Gravity Ball

Gravity platformer game

Pick and Dig 2

Pick and Dig is back!

Egg man

Save the eggs!


Candino is back!

The Fisherman Wrath

Be the Neanderthal!


Explore the planet!

Round World

The world is round!

Outlaw Jack

Find Aztec treasure!


Escape the hospital!

Dino Shift

Dino platformer!

Raccoon Break Out

Help Raccoon run away!

Jacko in Hell

Find the final element!

Space Mystery

Fun Escape Adventure

Safari Trip

Safari Escape Adventure

Georg The Ghost

Help the Halloween Ghost!


Dark forest adventure

Man on Fire Guy

Help the burning man!

We Are Friends

Help cute monsters!


A killbot needs a new career!

Celebrity Hunt

Make your best shot!

Maxx The Robot

An action-packed robot game!

QCompressing the Heart

A moody adventure

Donkey Kong Time Attack

Race against the time!

The First Hero

Be the first hero!

Several Journeys of Reemus 4

Reemus must stop the slugs!

Adventures Of Veronica Wright

Help Veronica escape!

Donald The Dino

Help little dinosaur!

Maximum Frustration

How far will you get?

Sonic Xtreme Bike

Help Sonic drive his bike!

Andy The Athlete

Point and click Olympics!

Alien Family

Help family of aliens!

Robot Mom

Send robot to Earth!

Escape 3D Jail Cell

Escape from the jail!

The Smurfs Adventure

The Smurfs platformer

Rainbow Rabbit Adventure 2

Grab some carrots

Voltorb Recovery 2

Recharge the Voltorb again!

Guru of Time

Defeat the Evil Gurus!

Rainbow Rabbit Adventure

Adventures in the rainbow world

Mario Physics Adventure

It's Mario with physics!


Help colorful jellies work together

Eric Inventor

Help Eric to invent funny stuff!

Jumbo Adventure

Elephant Adventure Game.

Gabriel the Gladiator

Help the gladiator!

Nitro Chopper .

Traveling around the world

Mansion Escape Master Bedroom

Its locked!

Dora strawberry world

Help collect strawberries!

Doraemon and the bad dogs

Help Nobita!

Angry Rocket Bird 2

Drive rocket to get back eggs

Time Killer

Kill some time!

Gold coin hunter

Collect all coins!

Mario Arctic Adventure

Mario in Arctic


Online virtual world game

Sea eater

Fascinating marine adventure

Via Sol 2

Rebuild civilization, rebuild your people!

Onslaught 2

Defend the tower from enemies

Rail of War

The time of war is here!

Toy Story

Help restore the moving van!

Mario Sonic Jet Adventure

Fly with Mario and Sonic!

Red Ball 3

Guide Red Ball through each level!

Super TAT

Help Tat win the Trophy!


Enter the downWorld!

Deep and Blue

Help the Whale!

Bike Cop Adventure

Help the cop collect his donuts!

Ruby Loft Escape

Escape from luxurious loft

Super mario remix 3

Mario remixed

Ben10 Gold Miner

Join Ben10 in gold mine

Cute Rabbit in Mario World 2

Is to save princess

SteamBirds Survival

Purchase better planes

Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Grab the fruit and kick enemies

Mr Cak ATV

ATV Madness!

Totally Odd

Claymation point'n'click adventure game

Lost My Home

Help the cute alien escape!

Red Space

Escape the Space Station

Bart On Bike

Play as Bart on a Bike

Musketeer Path

Be a Musketeer!

Dada Adventure

This is a dangerous trip

Stick Hero

Create your own game

Mario Truck 2

Help Mario transport his fruits

Pokemon Adventure

Play as Pikachu

Mario Bros Motobike 3

Complete all levels!

Recording Studio Escape

Escape the recording studio


A thrilling journey is beginning now

Skies of War - Extended

Shoot enemy structures

Peter the Penguin - Saving the Antarctica

Help Peter!

Mario Tricky Stunt

Do tricky stunts with Mario!

Unfairy Tales

Slumber and dreams

Vertical Drop Heroes

Rescue characters and kill enemies


Collect Llama gold!

Visible 3

Use your shadow!


Shoot the characters to survive

The Great Automate - Chapter 1

An Adventure


Fight monsters and dragons

3D Bunny Track

Rabbit escapes world of blocks

Ashley The Existentialist

Help Ashley on her journey!

Quiet Magic 2

Help Amy in her magic spells

Panda Restaurant

Help panda to earn enough money

Oceanpark Manager

Guide visitors to the sights

Fart king Bros

Once there was a small village

T-Shirt Stand

Manage your store and keep learning

Kangaroo Jump

Mount the floor fast!

DaDa War

money, army, defense

Galactic Escape

Escape from the federation base

Mario Across The World

Collect all coins with Mario

Mario Runner

Help Mario to meet his queen

Ben 10 Ship Pilot

Discover a new planet!

Cactus McCoy

Fight through each action filled level

Cable Ride

Help couples in cable car

Burrito Bison

Launch yourself as far as possible!


Aquatic adventures of the Azurefish

Randy's Empire

Randy's back to his villainous deeds!

The Three Thieves

Thieving adventure through Paris!

Nevermore 3

Platform adventuring is back!

StoneAge Sam 2 The Ice Age

Sam is back and as cool as ice!

StoneAge Sam

Help Sam survive as a caveman!

Temple of Zoom

Addictive pixel platformer

Go Squirrel Go

Flying squirrel adventure!

Loa and the Island Quest

Exterminate the root of evil!

Maggies Germy Roundup

Maggie the germ buster!

Puppy Fetch

Puppy fetch the stick!

Romanius 2

Romanius continues his revenge!

Haunted House

Explore the spooky mansion!

Muffin the Star Hunter

Reach for the stars, muffin!

Jumping Bananas

Game going bananas!

Granny In Paradise Online

Super granny is ready to rumble.


A battle of titanic propotions!

Pie Craving

Catch a pie in the sky!

Mr Piggy

Mr. Piggy's amazing adventure!

Stealth Hunter

Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell game play!

Mouse Mailer

Email virus attack!

The Kitchen of Doom

Spud freeze attack!


Take a walk in Mofro's land!


Help the little Racoon collect smelly shoes!

Jungle Adventure

Help Waffle Boy rescue... waffles!

Gladiator Castle Wars

Win the heart of a princess!


Help ploop collect his ploops!

Exit 2

Find your exit point..quick!

Nevermore 1

Great adventure in Nevermore!

Nevermore 2

Enter the enigmatic world of Nevermore!

Super Bobby World

Take Bobby through the maze of death


Bomberman comes to the rescue!

Beakins Great Mango Quest

Beakins wants his mangoes!

Playing with Fire

Playing with fire has never been so much fun!

Supermario Revived

Our very own Super Mario revived!


Help UFO Joe abduct abduct abduct!

Cheese Hunt

The mouse goes on a wild cheese hunt!

Supermario Sunshine

Another fun Supermario adventure!


Play Murloc in this cool RPG game!

Choccie Mad

Go mad in Choccie Land!

Panik Poopascoopa

This little guy looooves his poo!

Monster Bomb Boy

Bomb those monsters back to where they came from!

Mario Adventure

Another great and fun Mario adventure game!

Stick RPG

Go on a fun stickman adventure in this RPG game!

Sift Heads

Vinnie fights the mafia and loves to sift some heads

Fancy Pants Adventure

Nice game - fancy pants!

Gavin the Pro Golf Goblin

Play to eliminate the competition!

Super Walkland

Guide Aura through various adventures!

Castle Cat 3

Crazy Castle Cat goes to Sin City - Yowzers!

Sandman game

Go on an adventure of your dreams!

Ogg the Squirrel Hunter

Help Ogg the Squirrel hunter kill squirrels!

Koopas Revenge

Mario and gang ruined Koopas party - now take revenge!

Toby Crisis

Toby the little dog to the rescue once again!


Go on a cool adventure as an evil fighting Ninjaman!

Black Knight

Build the Queen a pool with taxpayer dollars!

Braineaters From Mars

Invasion of the braineaters from Mars!


Journey through hostile zones and confront baddies!

El Emigrante

Help Pedro - el emigrante dodge and flee border police!

Kungfu Statesmen

Kung Fu with a political twist - freaking fun fun fun

Back to School

Help Lil G break his friends out of Summer School.

Musco Morpha Maggot in Distress

Save the little maggot from distress!


Escape the factory.

Mario Star Catcher 2

Reach for the stars in this Mario game.

Wheels of Salvation

Travel up the wheels to ground level.


Fight the bad guys and dont get killed.

Bubble Gum Run

Help the bubble tape kid collect all of the bubble tape flavours.

Hobbit Rampage

A little hobbit adventure.


Adventure game with Mouse and Cheese.

Bubble Bobble the Revival

Very cute adventure with a little green dragon.

Tubbys Big Adventure

Eat as much food as you can!

Sonic in Angel Island

Classic Sonic for game fans out there.

Mario Time Attack Remix

Rescue the princess before time runs out.

Super Flash Mario Bros

Flash version of the original.

Battle for Gondor

Save Gondor from the Orc invasion.

Tobby and Kiki

Tobby rescues Kiki from launching into space!

The Daring Dozen

The daring dozen dare to get to the top.

Shuriken Challenge

Got Ninja skills?

Xevoz Showdown

Beast beating rampage of an adventure game.


Help Zed fulfill his dream of owning a gold spacesuit.

The Dead Marshes

Join Frodo, Sammy and Golem on their journey through the Dead Marshes.

Prince of Persia

Timed adventure game from the Middle East.

Save Ed

Rescue Ed from the Spooky house he is locked in!

Polar Express Ticket Chase

Your ticket has flown to the side of the train car - get it back!

Samurai Jack Code of the Samurai

Infiltrate Samurai Jack deep into the enemy territory

Gohans Adventure 2

Second part to Gohans Adventure.

Drivers Ed

Learn to drive with Ed.

Pencak Silat

Defeat challengers to unite the Archipeligo.


Follow this Pendekar in his quest to fight evil.


Great scooby style adventure game.

Wink in the Princess Stealing Dragon

Help Wink rescue the princess.

F/A 18 Hornet

A taste of the most sophisticated aircrafts in Australia.


The Ultimae stick fighting game experience

Dragon Warrior

Destroy evil and restore freedom to the land.

Dragon Fist 2 Battle for the Blade

The Dragon Master is back!


Get in through the back exit doors and watch out for those crazy fans...

Demonic Defence 3

Defend your castle against the evil that wishes to destroy it.

Demonic Defence 4

Defend your castle against the evil that wishes to destroy it.

Breaking Point

Stop the infected from spreading the virus.

Bomb Jack

Help Jack colelct all the bombs to advance to the next level.

Blast the Enemy

Blast the enemies before they take control of your base.

Jailbird Man

Help Jailbird Man bust his clients out of Jail.

Mario World Overrun

Luigi defends a castle.

Jet Pac Stan

Jet Pac Stan has to save Beyone!

Indiana Jones and the Pharoahs Tomb

Great Adventure game

Honey Bunny

Hunt for the Honey

The Hedgehog Game

Bungy over as quickly as you can to the hedgehogs house, avoids the red lava.

Happy Heks

Help an old witch find all the ingredients for her magical potion...

Gohans Adventure

Exploring planet Nemek



Bat and Mouse

Whatevere happened to the good old mousetrap??

Crimson Warefare

Set in World War 3, action/adventure game.


The lethal artificial lifeform is back!

Air Adventure

Help Stuart fly through Central Park and return to the Little''s house.

3 Foot Ninja 2

Our little heroe returns in this game sequel to 3 Foot Ninja.


Artificial Life-Form intended for Assination and Sabotage

Castle Cat 2

Castle Cat hits Miami.

Combat Instinct 2

Stranded on a strange planet you have various missions to complete.

Alpha Bravo Charlie

Rescue the stranded and wounded

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