Brain Training Games


A clever math game!

Letter Monsters

Combine the letter mosters

Monkey Go Happy Dragon

Make the monkey happy

2048 Bricks

Clever number game

Glitch Lab

Beat the glitches in this game

Invert Selection

Select the tiles!

Quantum Of Light

A light-guide puzzle

Mummys Path

Help the mummy!


Addictive puzzle game

Trollface Quest 5

It's Troll Cup time!

Monkey Go Happy Sci Fi

Help the space monkeys

Escape From JIG

Escape from the games lab!

Liquid Measure Crystal Water

Test your measuring skills


Light up the cute blobs

Be Fireman

Life of a fireman


Fun math game

Saving The Company

Save your business!

Into The Wild

Explore the island!

The Great House Escape

Escape from the house!

Hares Harvest

Hare is hungry!

Halo And Pixy

Alien wants kitty!

Doyu Hex Control

Hexagonal conquering!

Monkey Go Happy Tales

Monkeys in fairy tale!

Sokoboom 2

Cute crate pusher

Rogue Horse

Clever chess-based game


Get to 25!


Add and win

Submachine 9

Explore the mysterious temple


Listen and explore

Clutter 3 Who is The Void

Reveal the identity of The Void!

Electro Appliances

Power up the appliances!

Teleporter Escape

Can you unlock the door?

Horse Jump

Clever chess-based game

Back In Time 2

Back to the nineties!

Shapefold 2

Restore the shapes

Trollface Quest 4

Olympic trolling!


Brain-training puzzle

Revive the Monster

Unfreeze the cute monster

ClickPlay Time 4

Time to click again!

Winchester Dakota

Find the ruby!


Fast wordz making

Push Out Circles

Clever little puzzle

Christmas Griddlers

Win Santa's prizes!

Asian Riddles 2

Asia is awaiting its hero

Above Average Guy

Think outside the box!

Ten Is Again

Time to calculate!

Atomic Puzzle Xmas

Festive atomic puzzle

Holiday Jigsaw Christmas

Solve your way through the holidays!


Complete the square

Live Puzzle 2 Christmas Edition

Live Christmas puzzle!


Solve puzzles to reach the exit!

ClickPlay Time 3

It's ClickPlay time again!

Colors And Numbers

Elegant math game

Kveendolnitza 2

Explore the quirky world


Become anything!

Monkey Go Happy Elevators

Elevator monkeys!


Not-so-hidden objects!

Gears and Chains 2

Awesome gear puzzle


Connect the nodes

The Lost Octopus

Save the octopus!

Hippo The Brave Knight

Help Hippo!

Layer Maze 5

Awesome maze game

Trainz Trouble

Keep the wheels in motion!

Contraption Max

Fantastic puzzle game

Mosaic Mingle

Speedy mosaics!

Tape Hunter

Chase the music!

Dangerous Invention

Save the professor!

Free To Glow

Free the fireflies!

Detective Clara

The curious fridge affair!


Count to ten!

The Vikings Revenge

Win the sea battle

Me And The Key 3

Find the key!

Lunar Escape

Escape from the station!

Signum Project

Constellation mastery!

Wheely 2

Save your friend!

Lost Galaxy

Retro adventure game!


Colorful puzzle game

Flooded Village Holland

Water Holland!

Live Puzzle 2

Complete the puzzles!

Slice The Box Remaster

Slice and win!

Nelly 2 Episode 1

Survive in the forest!


Find the words!

Cheese Barn

Eat the cheese!

Go Virus

Expand and infect!

Harry Quantum 3

Explore the cheese carnival

Ballad of the Cube

Rescue your princess!

Plumber Pickle

Plumber adventure


Pathologically addictive!

Monkey Go Happy The Castle

Save the little monkeys!


Wrrrmz and mushrrrmz!

Safety First

Safety signs always seem so obvious!


Box-pushing puzzler


Color the monsters!

Gnomeland Security

Get rid of the gnomes!

Everyone Together

All together now!

Team of Robbers

Collaboration is the key!

Grand Banda

Grannies adventure

Fit It Quick

Fit the shapes!

Edge of Evil

Hero or monster?

Banana Breakers

Break the code!

Monkey Go Happy 6

Make monkeys happy!

On The Run

Calculate and escape!

Box Cooperation


Cat Shmat

Feed the cat!


Stack! Stack! Stack!

Catch a Duck

Go hunting!

Ubooly and Friends

Find your friends!

Blocky Christmas

You are a star!

Gifts Pusher 2

Push the gifts!

Stream Master

Connect the balls


Reach the exit!

Orbox C

Bigger and better!

Monster Detective

Noir detective game


Are you furious yet?

Treasure Seekers Lost Jewels

Find the lost jewels!

Find the cow

Where is the cow?

Unagi 16

Solve the puzzles!


Eat all the dots!

Sugar Sugar 2

Very sweet puzzle

Portal 2D

Portal-like platformer!

Twelve O

Clock madness!


Change your perspective!

Wedding Fiasco

Escape your wedding!

Unbelievable Sniper

It's unbelievable!

Purple Planet

Find your dog!

Cargo Bridge 2

Build the bridges!

Creatively Complicated

Be creative!

Clickplay Quickfire

Click Play!

Pursuit of Hat

Get back your hat!

Funny Bunny

Lead bunnies to safety!

Puzzle Bonsai Numbers

Make the tree bloom!


Get rid of the mines!

Brain Racer

Test your counting skills!

Shuriken Drop

Tetris with shurikens!

Ducklings Adventure

Reveal the ugly duckling story!

The Village Revisited

The puzzle comes alive!

Connect Me Please

Connect the buildings!

Big Ben Mahjong

Mahjong - London style!

Mahjong Classic

Classic Mahjong game

Save Bank Money Car

Protect the Bank van

Prizma Puzzle Challenges

Prismatic puzzler!


Wordoku is like Sudoku!

Gifts Pusher

Push the gifts around!

Greens Survive only when Reds Die

Save the Greens!

Find Words

Find hidden words!

Fun Math

Give your brain some training!

Flags of the World

fast-paced flags quiz game

Light it

Light up the bulbs!

Stalk the Frog

Catch that frog!


Mad math game

Babys Big Adventure

Baby wants milk!

Diving Adventure

Underwater match 3


Find the differences!

Dor the Dwarf

Funny dwarf adventure

Wild West Treasures

Match 3 in wild west style

Moai Mahjong

Easter Island mahjong

Blow up 2

Blow up colorful bubbles!


Try to mix the right color!

Forest Meetings

Make forest creatures meet!


Find your way home


Get five stones in one row

Retro Sez

Retro Simon Sez game.

The Railway Robots Road Trip

Save your Robo-Girl!


Take the ultimate multitask test!

Tiny Trials The Pilot Episode

Mini games like wario ware!

Color Infection 3

Infect all yellow balls


Test your logic skills!

Fruit Match Puzzle

A juicy match three!

Pieces of Horus

Dare you enter the unseen pyramid

Ball n Cross

Get the ball to the cross


A simple logic game!

Brains Still Roll

Adorable brain-eating zombies!


Click on the correct solution

Night Stones

Simple puzzle game

3D Bigfoot Maze

Escape maze with bigfoot truck

Diamond Valley 2

Line up similar diamonds to proceed

The Great Automate - Chapter 1

An Adventure

Blocked In

brain boggling block pushing puzzle

Combine Ultra

Combine colored balls into new colors

Ashley The Existentialist

Help Ashley on her journey!

Cafe Swap Puzzle

Match three similar object in row

Baby Kindergarten

Baby has a lot of fun

Snail Quest

Help Hungry Snail find leaf food

A Friend In Need

Keep Bloo safe from brattiest girl

The Three Thieves

Thieving adventure through Paris!

StoneAge Sam 2 The Ice Age

Sam is back and as cool as ice!

StoneAge Sam

Help Sam survive as a caveman!

Under Construction

Addictive Brick Builder!

Heli Racer

Extreme Chopper racing!

Robo Slug 2

The deadly slugger returns!

Jewels Gear

Matching with a twist!

Loa and the Island Quest

Exterminate the root of evil!

I Lost My Puppy

Go on a puppy quest!

Haunted House

Explore the spooky mansion!

Heavy Metal Rider

Exhilirating bike game!


Cola keepy-up's!

Mini Putt Golf

Fun puttering around!

Toon Shift

Sort out your tooney brain!


Classic lemmings fun!

Taxi Driver

A Taxi drivers nightmare!


bunch a fiver!

Tennis Challenge

Wimbledon Tennis keep ups!

Sobics School 2

Match up with Sobics!

Go Up the Platform

Mushroom madness!

Garfield Football

Garfield gets footie!

Tennis Game

Love, Tennis, Match!

VR World Cup Soccer

Catch the World Cup fever!

Orbox B

Sequel to Orbox!


Beat the firewall!

Fish Money

Fish for gold and cash!

Four Second Fury

Four seconds of complete madness!

Rainbow Web Online

Spin a magical web of color

Space Ambush

Lone battle with deadly attackers!

Robot War

It's a robot war out there!


Play Murloc in this cool RPG game!

Fun Match

Match animals for fun!

Piano Pooch

Play the piano pooch style!

Fluff Volleyball

Play volleyball with a puffy fluffy!

Hapland 3

The next sequel in the ever-popular Hapland series!

The Smurfs Greedy Bakeries

This lil smurf's a greedy little blue bugger!

Tower Blaster

Take on the fearful Vikings in this numbers puzzler!

Jewel Of Atlantis

Discover the Jewel Of Atlantis!

Snow Storm

Hop on your snow plough and clear the parking lot clean!

Freaky Fun

A 25-level freaky fun squirrel adventure!

Goofy Gopher

Test your memory in this slick goofy gopher game

Koopas Revenge

Mario and gang ruined Koopas party - now take revenge!

Lumpy Artist

Take the challenge - walk the tightrope!

Mob Payback

You messed with the mob, now they've come to get you!

Heel Over

Don't let the lady heel over!

Gem Shop

Match dazzling gems to make glittering pieces of jewelry!

H K Cafe

See how fast you can whip up a meal and dish it out!

Parking Zone

Get your parking right on the colored spot!

Love Set Match

Come on tennis ace, show us your game!

Fish Tales

Help Sunny be a big fish in a big ocean


Click the fireworks the same colour as the cursor to score points.

Starcraft FA 3

A StarCraft based game.

Hunga Basic Needs

Connect the pipes so that water reaches the land.

Perfect Pizza

Run your own Pizza shop!

Mansion Impossible

Prosper on the propert market and get your mansion.

Ledix Adventure 2

Help Ledix escape the maze full of jewels.

Splinter Cell

Gain entrance to the house without waking up your girlfriend.


Escape the maze before time runs out.

Hobbit Rampage

A little hobbit adventure.

Frogger 3D

Taking Frogger to a new dimension!

Metroid Genesis

Shoot all the aliens before they kill you!


Make your own metropolis by stacking blocks.

Squares 2

Hit all the black squares and avoid all the red squares.

Terminator 3 Soundboard

T3 soundboard for Arnie fans.

Sonic Blox

Sonic's version of tetris.

Memory Trial

Classic game of the memory game pairs

Sonar 2003

Keep ups with silly funny sound effects!

Snow Plow

Clear the Boston streets before time runs out.

Jewel Quest Online

The gem-matching adventure game!


2D Play's version of hangman.

Taldarian Petri Dish

Set the conditions in this petri dish and then watch the effects.

Sonic in Angel Island

Classic Sonic for game fans out there.


A firm favorite with puzzle game lovers.


Flip the bridges so that the ball has a path to follow to the centre.

Road Blocks

Guide the ball through this maze of road blocks.

Rotate Mania

Roate pieces to eliminate them.

Tennis Ace

A great tennis game.

Rickshaw Jam

Try and get this rickshaw out by moving the cars around it.

Flash Ball

Battle of the Balls

Gohans Adventure 2

Second part to Gohans Adventure.

Puzzle Land

Help James Mahoganny beat his arch rival Gregory.


Game of survival in the big wide underwater world.

Hunga Hatch

Stop these hatchlings from reaching the top.

Road Trip

Traffic is gridlocked so watcha gonna do?


Help this little man get all of the stars in a row.


Thinking skill game involving magnets.

The Nightmare Before Hallaween the 13th

Memory game involving scary stuff.

Fire at Will

Target practice shooting game.

Fight Man

Excellent martial art stick figure fighting game.

Mini Putt

Terrific carpet golf game.

Mini Pool 2

Another version of the great 2DPlay pool game.

Mini Pool

2D Play's version of online pool.

Maed Path

Stay on track of the moving path.

Lightning Break

Practice your pool skills.

Layer Cake

Make your getaway!


Very clever game of skill

Jellyfish Shuffleboard

The bikini bottom's favourite pass-time

The Legends of Hiro

Terrific magical role playing game.


Truly inteligent and innovative board game.

Happy Pill

Spread the joy!

Gravity Launch

Great outer space and learning game.


Brainteaser Maze Game.

Gunny Bunny 2

The Bunny with the Guns returns.

Frantic Killer

Definite must-play.

Found Lost

Lost in the middle of nowhere near a scary blood ridden house.

Footie Kick

Strange twist on the game of football.


Fun hangman game.

Master Checkers

Play a classic game of Checkers.

The Classroom 2

You must cheat to win the game!

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