Downloadable Games

Penguin Diner 3D

Help Penny and her friends

Imperial Island 2 The Search for New Land

Journey through the uncharted lands

Green City Go South

Build a green paradise

Gnumz Masters of Defense

Defeat The Wicked King!

Fantasy Mosaics 4 Art of Color

Journey across the fantasy landscape

Kingdom Tales 2

Outsmart the greedy Count

Weather Lord In Pursuit of the Shaman

Master nature and control weather

12 Labours of Hercules 2

Tame the great Cretan Bull


Return life to Floria

Aztec Venture

Adventure awaits in Central America!

Jewel Match 4

Find the missing wizard

Rachels Retreat

Create a perfect getaway!

Dragon Portals

Free the dragons!

Big City Adventure Rio de Janeiro

Start your trip of a lifetime

The Tiny Tale 2

Save the Elven kingdom!

Battle Ranch

Defend your ranch!

Magic Bookshop Mahjong

Travel through an enchanted land

Viking Saga Epic Adventure

Epic adventure around the globe

Awakening The Redleaf Forest

Defeat Dreadmyre once and for all

1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles

What do you know about Earth?

Youda Sushi Chef 2

Step into the delicious world

Royal Envoy 3

Embark on an exciting expedition

The Wall Medieval Heroes

Defend your village

Mystika 2 The Sanctuary

Restore the sanctuary

Sky High Farm

Flex your green thumbs

Sparkle Unleashed

Carve a path of light

Zombie Jewel

Zombie apocalypse!

Fantasy Mosaics

Build your fantasy garden!

Next Stop

Get back on the track

Deponia The Puzzle

Challenging puzzle of Deponia

Magic Heroes Save Our Park

Magic Heroes to the rescue!

Iron Sea Defenders

Immerse yourself in a historical battle

The Beardless Wizard

Collect magic artifacts and brew potions!

Disharmony Blocks 2

Master powerful emotional outburst spells

The Ultimate Easter Puzzler

Brain-teasing springtime fun

Tales of the Orient The Rising Sun

Travel to Japan


Restore life back to the glade

Curse of the Dragons

Lift the curse!


Fight the evil Spider Queen!

Northern Tale 3

Stop the evil from spreading

Day D Time Mayhem

Fight powerful dinosaurs

League of Mermaids Pearl Saga

Save the mermaid homeland

Style Quest

Manage five funky stores

Gardens Inc 2 The Road to Fame

Create beautiful gardens

The Adventures of Perseus

Journey back in time

Spa Mania 2

Save Jade`s spas!

Be a King Golden Empire

Become a powerful king

Go Go Gourmet Chef of the Year

Help Ginger reach stardom

Mahjong Carnaval

An 18th century carnival atmosphere!

Monument Builders Great Wall of China

Protect your village

Atlantic Quest 2 The New Adventures

Fantastic underwater adventure

Viking Saga New World

Save your people

Call of Atlantis Treasures of Poseidon

The legendary adventure is back!

Hello Venice 2 New York Adventure

Revive the gardens

Farm to Fork

Save the Valley

Fable of Dwarfs

Visit the floating islands!

Luxor 2 HD

Embark on a beautiful voyage


Explore the temples!


Dive into Greek legends!

Strike Solitaire 2 Seaside Season

The sea, the sun, and solitaire!

Nancy Drew The Deadly Device

Unlock corporate secrets!

Bouncers Journey

Bounce your way to freedom!

Clutter 3 Who is The Void

Reveal the identity of The Void!

My Kingdom for the Princess 4

Rescue Lost Princesses

Save the Furries

Completely out of this world!

Sky Taxi GMO Armageddon

Drive and fly!


Unlock the power of the elements!

Hoyle Illusions

Embark on an exciting adventure!

A Princess Tale

Stop the ancient evil

Botanica Earthbound

Find your way back to Earth

Fort Defenders Seven Seas

An ocean of possibilities!


The cutest salamander!

Hobby Farm

Manage your very own farm!

Amaranthine Voyage The Tree of Life

Save the dying world

Amaranthine Voyage The Living Mountain

Explore beautiful, strange worlds

Royal Jigsaw 2

The choice of real kings!

Rebuild the European Union

Help the European Union

Who Am I

Find out who you really are!

Christmas Griddlers

Win Santa's prizes!

Monument Builders Empire State Building

Construct the iconic landmark

Asian Riddles 2

Asia is awaiting its hero

Dream Hills Captured Magic

Restore a merry, bustling kingdom!

Adelantado Trilogy Book Three

Get ready for an epic conclusion!

New Yankee in Santas Service

Battle snowmen, witches and Yeti!

Holiday Jigsaw Christmas

Solve your way through the holidays!

Hidden Expedition Smithsonian Hope Diamond

Find the Diamond!

Farmington Tales 2 Winter Crop

Explore snowy Dahlia Farms!

Fishdom Frosty Splash

Get splashed with frosty joy!

Christmas Wonderland 4

Best Christmas ever

Christmas Stories A Christmas Carol

Everyone deserves a second chance

Jos Dream Organic Coffee 2

The Coffee Festival is in town!

Kingdoms Heyday

Write your name in history

Island Tribe 5

Rescue an old friend!

Mosaics Galore

Save the magical pets

Campgrounds The Endorus Expedition

Help Addie lead an expedition!

Heroes of Solitairea

Save the kingdom of Solitairea!

Chicken Invaders 4

Save the Thanksgiving

Cubis Creatures

Match 3 unlike any other

Mystery Case Files Fates Carnival

Madame Fate returns

Northern Tale 2

Prevent a war!

Royal Defense Ancient Menace

Hold back the Ancient Menace!

Jigsaw World Tour

Travel around the world

Luxor 3

An ethereal journey!

Spooky Bonus

A blood curdling adventure

The Treasures of Montezuma 4

Uncover an ancient secret

12 Labours of Hercules

Meet heroes from Ancient Greece

Jewel Legends Magical Kingdom

Rebuild the Magical Kingdom

Trainz Trouble

Keep the wheels in motion!

Call of the Ages

Collect mighty artifacts!

Contraption Max

Fantastic puzzle game

Legacy Witch Island

Reveal the ancient prophecy!

Fairy Tale Mysteries The Beanstalk

These are no ordinary beans!

Otherworld Shades of Fall

Defeat an ancient evil!

Vampire Ventures

Follow Vampire Val on her adventure

World Mosaics 7

Stop the rogue agent!

The Happy Hereafter

Build an afterlife!

The Tiny Tale

Restore a magical kingdom

Settlers of the West

Tame the wild west!

Zombie Solitaire

Zombie-rific adventure!

Monument Builders Colosseum

Construct the Roman Colosseum

Solitaire Mystery Four Seasons

Solitaire meets hidden object game

Flights of Fancy Two Doves

Save your kingdom from disaster

Magic Time

Help the wizard!

My Singing Monsters

Listen to your monsters sing!

Royal Envoy Campaign for the Crown

The monarchy is at risk!

Fort Defense

Pirate-style tower defense

The Snow

Break the spell

Lost in Reefs 2

Amazing underwater town


Carve a path through the wilderness

When In Rome

Build new settlements and towns

Imperial Island Birth of an Empire

Reconstruct the lost empire

FootLOL Epic Fail League

Hilarious soccer chaos

Awakening The Sunhook Spire

Scale the heights of Sunhook Spire

Rush for Gold Alaska

Gold Rush time!

Baking Success

Be a success!

Monument Builders Notre Dame

Build the Notre Dame Cathedral!

Beware Planet Earth

Stop the Martians!


What do you know about ghosts?

League of Mermaids

An epic underwater quest

Skeleton Pirates

Get ready for the ultimate battle

Build a Lot Mysteries

Spine-tingling fun!

Evy Magic Spheres

Save the fairytale kingdom!

Kingdom Tales

The prophecy has been fulfilled!

Druid Kingdom

Save the alchemists country!

Myths of the World Chinese Healer

Save the Emperor’s son!

Moai Build Your Dream

Restore the island!

Armado HD

Run, roll and stomp!

Sparkle 2

Find the five enchanted keys!

Toy Defense 2

Epic battles are waiting for you!

Big City Adventure Tokyo

Discover Tokyo and its history!

Mahjong Secrets

Reveal the royal mysteries!

Cut the Rope

Feed with candy!

Reveries Sisterly Love

Save your twin!

Dark Parables The Final Cinderella

Save Cinderella!

Viking Saga

Find Loki and break the curse

Old Clockmakers Riddle

Return the town to its former beauty

Weather Lord Hidden Realm

Command the forces of nature

Rolling Idols Lost City

Rebuild the ancient Lost City

Princess Isabella The Rise of an Heir

The Heir will rise!

Nancy Drew Tomb of the Lost Queen

Decipher ancient clues

Green City 2

Build an eco-city!

Trade Mania 2

Develop and prosper!

Jewel Legends Atlantis

Restore Atlantis to its former glory!

The Path of Hercules

Become the hero of Ancient Greece!

Tennis in the Face

This is no Wimbledon!

300 Dwarves

Battle goblins and mighty monsters


Explore the underwater world

Lunch Rush HD

Time for lunch!

Northmark Hour of the Wolf

Fight for glory and gold!

TV Farm 2

Join the hit reality TV show!

Plight of the Zombie

Deliciously brainy puzzle!

Fitness Bustle Energy Boost

Tons of fitness fun!

Virtual Families 2 Our Dream House

Unique and fascinating adoptees!

Roads of Rome 3

Restore the settlements!

Adelantado Trilogy Book One

Help and save the lost expedition!

Viking Brothers

Love, valor and legend!

Pahelika Revelations

Return to Pahelika!

Royal Gems

World of royal bounties!

Gardenscapes 2

Help your good old friend!

Azada Elementa

Journey to amazing worlds

Sleepwalkers Journey

Meet drowsy Moonboy!

Adelantado Trilogy Book Two

Get ready for new adventures!

Legends of Atlantis Exodus

Help evacuate Atlantis

New Yankee in King Arthurs Court

Find the Fountain of Youth

Ballad of Solar

Adventure for all ages!


Help Joe restore his ranch!


Fun crossword game

Gardens Inc From Rakes to Riches

Win the competition!

Push The Box

Defeat the Big Bad Wolf!


Save the cute little pets!


Enter the magic world

First Class Flurry

Become a flight attendant!

Jet Set Go

Go on a dream vacation!

Outta This Kingdom

An epic journey!

Mystery Solitaire Secret Island

Find your way home!

Age of Mahjong

Build your metropolis!

Barn Yarn

Help repair an old barn!

Yeti Quest Crazy Penguins

Save Antarctic from the ice storm!

The Sparkle 2 Evo

Become a magnificent aquatic being!

Heroes from the Past Joan of Arc

Build a medieval city

Meridian Age of Invention

Experience the wonder of discovery

Time Mysteries The Final Enigma

Save the world from catastrophe

Sweet Kingdom Enchanted Princess

Bring the princess back to life

Green City

Build an eco-city!

Galactic Express

Pack interplanetary cargo!

Rolling Idols

Roll the idols!

Seven Seas Solitaire

Sail the seven seas!

Grave Mania Pandemic Pandemonium

Stop zombie pandemic!

New Yankee in King Arthurs Court 2

The days of King Arthur return!

Mahjong Royal Towers

Reach the Throne Room!

Mahjongg Legends of the Tiles

Ten new ways to play Mahjongg

Royal Defense

The castle needs a hero!

Luxor Evolved

Experience Luxor Evolved!

Dark Canvas A Brush With Death

Uncover the mystery!

The Tribloos 2

Save your island home!

Monument Builders Statue of Liberty

Build the Statue of Liberty!

Building the Great Wall of China

Build the Great Wall of China

The TimeBuilders Pyramid Rising 2

Unveil the mystery of Egyptian Gods

Grim Tales The Stone Queen

Meet the Stone Queen!

Atlantis Pearls of the Deep

Find the pearls of the deep!

Zumas Revenge

Leap into ball-blasting action!

King Oddball

Conquer the world!

Dr Mal Practice of Horror

The craziest game of solitaire!

Big City Adventure Paris

Start your trip of a lifetime!

Christmas Mahjong

Real Dickens spirit

Oozi Earth Adventure

Classic platformer with modern visuals!

Garden Rescue Christmas Edition

Rescue the garden!

Towers of Oz

Defend Oz!

World Mosaics 6

Stop the infamous burglar!

Frederic Resurrection of Music

Step into Chopin's shoes!

Island Tribe 4

Time travel!

My Kingdom for the Princess 3

Rebuild the kingdom!


Patching time!

Strike Solitaire

Get the perfect score!

Fishdom 3

Dive in!

Nancy Drew The Captive Curse

Explore a German castle

Supermarket Mania 2

Take over Tinsel Town!

A Gnomes Home The Great Crystal Crusade

Help the gnomes!

Plants vs Zombies

Protect your brains!

Peggle Nights

Explosive game play!

Bejeweled 3

The biggest, brightest Bejeweled ever!

Whispered Secrets The Story of Tideville

Unravel the town's dark secret

Journey The Heart of Gaia

Beautiful hand-drawn world

Build a lot Fairy Tales

Build your own fairy tale!

Mystery Trackers Four Aces

Stop a devious conspiracy

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

Escape the castle!

Awakening: Moonfell Wood

Sophia must find her people!

Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom

Explore the Goblin Kingdom!

Awakening: The Skyward Castle

Lift the curse

Cake Mania to the Max

Help a young Jill Evans!

Sallys Spa

Relax in Sally's Spa!

The Promised Land

Build a thriving colony!

Dark Parables the Red Riding Hood Sisters

Assist the Red Riding Hood Sisters

Dark Parables Rise of the Snow Queen

Rescue the missing children

Echoes of the Past the Citadels of Time

Save the Orion Kingdom

Maestro Notes of Life

Find a missing girl

Eternal Journey New Atlantis

Discover the origins of Atlantis

Toy Defense

Crush your enemies

Cake Mania Lights Camera Action

Return to Bakersfield!

Island Tribe 3

Rescue the chief's bride!

Inspector Parker

Solve the mystery of Misanthrope Manor

Avalon Legends Solitaire

Restore the Deck of Nature!

The Chronicles of Emerald Solitaire

Mixture of solitaire and hidden objects

Mahjongg Dimensions

Enjoy another Mahjongg Dimension!

Sylia Act 1

Unite Sylia!

Gardenscapes Mansion Makeover

Turn the hall into a masterpiece!


Create the perfect garden!

Farm Tribe 2

Discover the secret of the old mansion

Grim Tales the Legacy

Explore a deserted estate

Grim Tales the Wishes

Be careful what you wish for...

Spirits of Mystery Song of the Phoenix

Reunite the Kingdoms

House of 1000 Doors Family Secrets

Solve mind-bending mysteries!

Northern Tale

Bring color back into the world

Life Quest 2

Move to Metropoville!

Kingdom Chronicles

Defeat the villain and save your homeland


Unique story-driven adventure


Stay on the Fairway!

Royal Envoy 2

Save Middleshire!

The Scruffs: Return of the Duke

The Duke Returns!

Drawn The Painted Tower

Explore enchanted worlds!

Kings Legacy

Build your own kingdom!


Explore the Bellevue Hotel!

Farm Mania 2

Build the farm of your dreams!

Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age

Chill out with Farm Frenzy!

Boulder Dash Pirates Quest

Find the Pirate's Treasure!

Dark Parables Curse Of Briar Rose

Save Sleeping Beauty!

Youda Safari

Go on a suspenseful safari!

World Of Goo

Live in a World of Goo!

Westward IV All Aboard

Help Anne and Henry!

Wedding Dash Ready Aim Love

Plan the perfect wedding!

Wandering Willows

Enter a world full of surprises!

Virtual Villagers The Tree of Life

Save the Tree of Life!

Virtual Villagers The Secret City

Unravel the mystery of Isola!

Virtual Families

Start a Virtual Family!

Supermarket Mania

Stock `til you drop!

Super Granny 5

Survive the backyard!

Super Granny 4

Help navigate exotic locales!

Super Granny 3

Discover secret areas.

Royal Envoy

Take the King’s Challenge!

Puzzle Bots

The robots are escaping!

My Life Story

Find the career of your dreams

Mall a Palooza

Dive into Mall-A-Palooza!

My Kingdom for the Princess

Help the princess!

Be A King

Can you Be a King?

Aveyond Lord of Twilight

Save the entire world!

Aveyond The Lost Orb

Find the lost orb!

Aveyond Gates of Night

Get back the orb!

Love Chronicles The Spell

Remove an evil curse!

Lost Lagoon The Trail of Destiny

Explore a mysterious island!

Little Space Duo

Help the Little Space Duo!

Little Folk Of Faery

Restore the Faeries!

Life Quest

Go on a Life Quest!

Dream Chronicles

Escape from the mysterious sleeping spell!

Dream Chronicles The Chosen Child

Defeat the Fairy Queen of Dreams!

Dream Chronicles 2 The Eternal Maze

Feel your way out of the Eternal Maze!

Fiction Fixers

Save Alice and Wonderland!

Diner Dash Hometown Hero

Bring five restaurants back to life!

HappyVille Quest For Utopia

Create your own Utopia!

Gold Miner Vegas

Make discoveries around the world!

Go Go Gourmet

Beat the heat of the kitchen!

Funny Miners

Find the Magic Diamond!

Dream Chronicles The Book of Air

Help Lyra restore time and return home!

County Fair

The County Fair's future is in your hands!

Cooking Dash DinerTown Studios

Cook for the stars!

Cooking Academy 2 World Cuisine

Master international cuisine!

Chocolatier Decadence by Design

Run a chocolate empire!

Cake Shop 2

Open your own roadside Café!

Cake Shop

Manage your own Cake Shop!

Cake Mania 3

Can you save Jill's wedding?

Cake Mania Main Street

Breathe life into Main Street!

Cake Mania 2

A whole new Evans bakery adventure!

Buried In Time

Discover the lost jewel!

Artist Colony

Revive the ultimate creative Sanctuary!

Be Richer

Build your real estate company!

Avenue Flo

Save the wedding of the year!

Build A Lot

Be a real estate mogul!

Burger Bustle

Serve delicious food as quickly as you can!

Build A Lot 2 Town Of The Year

Time to design a new town!

Be a King 2

Defend your kingdom!

Tiger Eye Curse of the Riddle Box

Dive into danger!

Strange Cases The Lighthouse Mystery

Uncover the Lighthouse Mystery!

Diner Dash 5

Rebuild Flo's Diner!

Virtual City

Construct a Virtual City!

Robinson Crusoe

Play Adventures of Robinson Crusoe!

The Book of Wanderer

Read the Story of Dragons

Pizza Chef 2

Become a Pizza Chef!

Haunted Manor Lord of Mirrors

Escape the Haunted Manor!

Hotel Dash Suite Success

Go on a Hotel Dash!

The Heritage

Discover ancient secrets!

Mystery Case Files Dire Grove

Discover the haunting legend of Dire Grove

Antique Road Trip USA

Start your own antique store!

Farm Craft

Can you save the county?

Blood Oath

Become a vampire!

My Tribe

Will your tribe prosper?

Sallys Studio

Help the world unwind!

Ranch Rush 2 Saras Island Experiment

Help Sara's exotic ranch!

Farm Frenzy 3 Russian Roulette

Feed the hungry astronauts!

Farm Craft 2

Stop the Global Veggie Crisis!

Hotdog Hotshot

Fast food frenzy!

Mystery Case Files Return To Ravenhearst

Revisit the Manor!

Airport Mania

Manage a busy airport!

The Scruffs

A very fun and comical hidden objects game!

Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst

Solve the mystery of the Manor!


Scheme & conquer the new West!

Atlantis Sky Patrol

Thwart doomsday plans!

Hidden Expedition Titanic

Explore the Titanic!


Chuzzles and chuzzles of fun!

Roller Rush

40 fun levels of Roller Rush madness!

Diner Dash 2

Flo's back and she more determined to make it big!

Pirate Poppers

Join the sea plunderers in pilandering fun!

Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects

Solve the mystery of the missing hope diamond!

Feeding Frenzy 2

It's a bigger and better fish feeding frenzy!

Cake Mania

Let's get baking and icing some finger-licking good cakes!

Legend of Aladdin

Take a magic carpet ride through Aladdin's exotic world!

Fish Tycoon

Beautiful aquarium-sim puzzler!

Bejeweled 2

The latest Bejeweled - A glittering gem of a game!

Granny In Paradise

Super Granny is back, and she's ready to rumble

Mystery Case Files Huntsville

Locate enough hidden clues to solve the crimes!

Bricks of Atlantis

Brick-busting under the sea in the ruins of Atlantis!

Puzzle Pirates

14 games in one! Play against other pirates online.

Ricochet Recharged

Over 350 electrifying brick-busting levels from around the world!

Diner Dash

The action-puzzle that brings out the entrepreneur in all of us

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