Flying Games

Quantum Patrol 2

Complete the missions in space

Up In The Sky

Aim for the sky!


Transport the smileys!

Frantic Planes

Defend the monkey kingdom!

Notebook Space Wars 2

Notebook wars in space!

The Dragons Adventure

Ride a dragon!


The ultimate destruction bot!

Six OClock High

World War dogfights!

Ultimate Galactic Battle

Racing in space

Bomber At War 2

Battle for resources!

Sky Knight 2

Rule the skies!

Plunder Mars

Space pirate launcher!

Flying Panda

Fly Panda, fly!

The Impossible Dream

Escape form the dream

Flying Kiwi

Learn to fly!

Storm Rage

Racing in the sky

Gravity Thruster

Escape the gravitational field

Wonder Rocket

Up and away!

Plane Revenge

Plane racing

Dogfight Sim

Join the dogfight!

Wonder Ace

Wonder Ace to the rescue!

Air Battle 2

Fly and shoot!

Dukes and Dirigibles

A top-down Steampunk shooter.

Rocket Santa 2

Hop on a rocket!

Squirrel forces

Defeat the foxes!

Ducklife 3

Evolution time!


Sci-fi space slayer!

Airplane Road

Crazy airplane racing!

Lily Fighters

Fight the enemy planes!


See how far you can fly

Chopper Dash

Cute chopper game

Coin cat

Cats and coins!


Slice the boxes!

Awesome Planes

Plane shooting action!

The Base Jumper

Parachute cliff jumping!

1Star Ship

Spaceship shooting action!

Skys The Limit

Take your mind off things!

Battlefleet 9

Protect your land!


Spike the Space dog!

Star Journey

Reach for the stars!

Flight 3D Aerobatics Training

So you think you can fly?

Super mario jump 2

Help Mario collect coins!

Super mario jump 2

Help Mario collect coins!

Turning The Tide

Retro side-scrolling shmup

Doraemon and the bad dogs

Help Nobita!

Balloon Fight 2

Defeat enemies exploding balloons

Mario Sonic Jet Adventure

Fly with Mario and Sonic!

Steel Unicorn

Transforming jet action!

Ben 10 Halloween Night

Help Ben10 to cook a cake

Birds Town

Match the bird to right place

SteamBirds Survival

Purchase better planes

My Ship

Save the astronauts

Ben10 sky battle

Aggregor's back with his massive troops

Shoot The Dwarf

Launch the dwarf as far as possible!

Bomber at War

Hop in the cockpit and win!

Learn to Fly 2

Destroy those icebergs!


JetPack coins collector

Dillo Hills

Armadillos can fly!

The Pool Invasion

Play games with zack and cody

Sky Control

You control the skies!

Wing Men

Wiping out aliens to save man

Skies of War - Extended

Shoot enemy structures

BlastOff Bunnies

Blast the bunnies into the air!

B17 UFOs Crusher

Protect Earth from the Zorg Empire!

Year 2012

Escape the devastation

Owl Spin

Save the owl from nasty bats

Lamp Light

Guide the firefly to the lanterns

Puny Humans Must Die

Reduce Earth to Rubble!

Orb Eater

Eat floating balls

Heli Racer

Extreme Chopper racing!

Spider Monkey

Jungle Superhero!

Skies of War

Pilot the rebel army into battle!

Rocket Rescue

A galactic rescue mission!


Incredible space shooter!

Maggies Germy Roundup

Maggie the germ buster!

Sword of Orion

Use the Sword of Orion!


Save the picnic!

Go Green Go

See green, go green!

Super Diamonds

Collect super diamonds!

Shock Balloon Bomber

Gooey shock and awe!

Tennis Challenge

Wimbledon Tennis keep ups!


Extreme space shooting action!

Orbox B

Sequel to Orbox!

Prevent Attack 2

Load your guns - it's attack time!

Sky Fire

Fire raging in the skies!

Pio Pio

This is one fruity chick!


Red marks the spot - do you have the skills?

Prevent Attack

Battle dreaded space aliens!

Supermario Revived

Our very own Super Mario revived!

Keep Your V L

Spaceship with lips pasted on!

Kirbys Star Scramble

Join Kirby on his super star quest!


Help UFO Joe abduct abduct abduct!

Twin Power

Super size your space shooter and power up twin size!

Walk in the Clouds

Take a walk in the clouds with the little monster!

Ninja Air Combat

High flying kung-fu moves and deadly combat!

Holy Cow

Holy Cow deliver their blessings!

Urban Swat

Swat as many of these pesty flies as possible.

Iron Ranger

Help Iron ranger complete all of the labrynths.

Iron Crusade

Retro style shooting game.

Ultimate Potato

Fight for your life!

Robots Attack

Shoot down the other robots before they shoot you.

Metroid Genesis

Shoot all the aliens before they kill you!

Sub Zero

Play this flying game and shoot down your enemies.

Thrust 2

A cross between a flying and adventure game.

Knievels Wild Ride

Daredevil Motorbike Stunt Game.

Yeti Sports Flamingo drive

The fifth part to the Yeti Sports Series.

Yeti Sports Albatros Overload

Another Yeti Sports classic.

Maus Force Attack

Some flying shoot 'em up action from the Mausland guys.

Lander X

Get the spaceship from one point to another.

Jet Pac Stan

Jet Pac Stan has to save Beyone!


Story of a foolish boy

Honey Bunny

Hunt for the Honey

Happy Pill

Spread the joy!

Happy Heks

Help an old witch find all the ingredients for her magical potion...

Fly Catcher

Play the fly catcher and eat up as many flies as you can muster.

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