Funny Games

Shave Time

Be the barber!


Spike the Space dog!

Zombie Quiz

Test your zombie knowledge

Press the Panda

Complete each skill-based panda level!

Hammering Ham

Toss the porks from porks land!

Burger Game

Food, Burger, Cooking, Decorating

A Cat's Tale

Get the cats to shelter fast


Funny point and click game

Bone Sniffer

Funny-point and click game

Angry King

Destroy everything


Chicken chain reaction!

Glamour Bride Dress Up

Dress up the bride

Jhatpat Shaadi

Put together the biggest wedding

Office Kissing

Kiss in the office

Woo The Princess

Learn basics of wooing your beloved

Sweep Nancy House

Girl clean game

Funny Rats

Help the rats fight against cats!

Cute Dragon

Dress up a cute Dragon

Angry Waiter 2

Destroy everything!

Emily Ice Cream Bar

Manage an Ice Cream Bar

Causality 4

Get ready for some Causality Epicnesss!

Genius Funny Face Maker

Make a strange funny face


Click to kill all the stickmen!

Mr Vario

Blast Mr. Vario through the sky!

Cute Puppy

Dressup a cute Puppy.

Learn to Fly 2

Destroy those icebergs!

The Cannon Man

Help the cannon man.

Naughty Boy 2

Get naughty with naughty boy

Windy Clothesline

Protect your cloths from rain

Wheel of Misfortune

Throw your weapon on target

Enemy Bee

Kill red enemy bees

Tweety Saves The Day

Get medicine but beware of cats

Scooby BMX Action

Race the ghost Scooby Dooby Doo

Medieval Biker

Help the Knight Drive!

Cats and Dogs Coloring Book

Paint pics

Pastry Shop

New employee at the bakery

King of Portugal

Drive, jump, turbo boost!

Cake for love

Cake cooking game for girls

Pony Dressup

Dress up a Cute Pony

Baby Room Makeover

Make the baby room best looking

A Friend In Need

Keep Bloo safe from brattiest girl

Slap Gaddafi

Game Over Gaddafi!

The Incredible Dr Fartalot

Master gas-powered flight!

Slap the Nerd

Go on a nerdy slap-fest!

No Comment

News hound alert!

Celebrity Smackdown 4

Take down the celebs!

Rooney on the Rampage

Rooney has lost the plot!

Girl Fight

Who's this mean girl?

Run Ronaldo Run

Run Ronaldo, Run!

Flea Bag

Classic Dog fight Cat!

Farmyard Missile Launcher

Fertilize some fun!

Shop Lifter

Kids don't try this at home or in shops!

Easter Egg Hop

The easter bunny is out in full force!

Kong Kicks Ass

King Kong kicks some major celebrity arse!

Heel Over

Don't let the lady heel over!

Sheep Reaction

You think your reflexes are good? Test them!

Bash The Computer

Computer - it's pay back time!

Charles On Cloud Nine

Help Charlie and princess Camilla

Drunk Klunk

You really want to go partying with this guy!

Build a Robot

Design you own robot!

Interactive Buddy

Do anything with your new buddy!

Stewie Griffin Soundboard

Have fun with this Stewie Griffin Soundboard.

Chris Tucker Soundboard

For Chris Tucker fans.

Terminator 3 Soundboard

T3 soundboard for Arnie fans.

Taldarian Petri Dish

Set the conditions in this petri dish and then watch the effects.

Ragdoll physics 2

A lesson in science using humour and characterisation.

Spank the Monkey

See how fast you can spank Spank.

Singing Horses

These horses know how to harmonise.

Whack Your Boss

Whack your boss in cyberspace so you dont have to in real life(?)

Wire Skeleton

An addictive funny game with a scientific background - Make the skeleton dance to your tunes!

Dr Zoidbergs Soundboard

Huge Sound board of Dr Zoidberg from Futurama

Homer Simpson Soundboard

Over 60 lines of classic Homer!

Happy Pill

Spread the joy!

Angry Kid

Just dont get this choirboy angry.

Acne Be Gone

Pop as many zits and pimples as you can before time runs out.

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