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She was "unsinkable", the magnificient Titanic. Other ships were humbled in her presence. She was meant to rule the high seas, but on her maiden voyage she met her watery end, in the year 1912, sinking to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean after striking an iceberg and taking the lives of thousands who toasted her invincibility. Since then many expeditions have taken place to explore the secrets she held within her. But, no expedition will be as fun and mysterious as the one you're about to go on - guaranteed! You play an explorer, commissioned by the "Titanic Museum" to collect the ancient artifacts this majestic ship still holds in her wreckage. But, your ultimate goal through the 14 diving missions is to find the 'Crown Jewels". Peruse 17 locations and discover the hidden treasures of this elusive ship. Download this game now and play it for free. You won't regret it.


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