Jumping Games

Strike Force Kitty

Save the princess!

Face Chase

Run away!

Arties Dreams

Adventures in a dream

Slow Slaw

Tame the time!


Airborne sheep!

Flappy Naruto

Jump over the obstacles

Turtle Mega Rush

Escape the kitchen!

Steel Jack

Rescue the royal family!


Escape the shadows

Run Red Run

Don't get eaten!

Extreme Moto Stunts

Perform amazing stunts!


Sweet runner

Madpet Skyjumper

Feed the rabbit

Risen Level Pack

Epic comeback!

Neverending Chevalier

Hop for fame and glory!

Amazing Sheriff

Sheriff vs aliens

Pixel Escape

Save the pixels!


Displace and dispense!

Little Red Riding Hood

Adventure in the woods

Parallel Levels

Beat parallel levels

Tiny Jumper

Sweet-toothed blob adventure!

Santa Run 2

Santa, you are late!

I Quit Must Dash

Save your mustache!

Forest Run

Run and jump on bubbles!

Mad Pixel Run 2

Double runner


Save your friends!

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Survive in the dungeons!

Hardventure Into The Duat

Explore the ancient tombs

Mine Hero

Pop the mines!

Enough Plumbers 2

Plumber cloning fun!

Jetpack Nemesis

Escape the nemesis!

Fifty Jumps

Ultimate jumping challenge

Knight Runner

Squish your enemies!

Mini Passage

Choose your way!


Get the wood!

Reverse Boots

Princess-saving adventure!

Vex 2

Fast and furious platformer

Steel Novella

Retro platforming fun!

Red Ball 4 Vol 2

Don't become square!

Mr Tart

Get in the box!

Kirby New Adventure

New adventures of Kirby!

Jump Over Danger

Hop over everything!

Dino Run MD

Don't become extinct!

Fancy Pants Adventure 3

Help the king!

Frizzle Fraz Round 3

Save the Frizzles!

The Other Half

Meet your other half

Super Bomb Bugs

Jump and stop the baddies!

Fluffy Runner

Eat and run!

Button X20

Press the button!

Crate Run

Run Crate, run!


Paint the world!


Keep hopping!

Unlucky Robber

Escape the temple!

Sky Run

Run in the sky!


Resonate your way through

Polar Bob

Save the princess!


Time to j-j-jump!

Skateboard City 2

Learn some tricks!

Noitcelfer 2

You and your reflection

Jump In The Dark

Save the sunny blob




Slay the bat army!


Snata goes BOOM!

Invisible RGB

Make your way to the exit!

Next Please

Who's next?

Oh Snow

Show monster chase

Double Bros

Don't lose your sibling!

Death Count

How many deaths does it take?

Adventures of the Water Knight

Save the princess!

Pogo Challenge

Epic Pogo Jumping Challenge

Stickmans Great Adventure

Adventures of the stickman

Rail of Death

Join the gold rush!

Super Spurt Chicken

Jump chicken, jump!

Dream Symphony

Compose your symphony

Ninja Stealth Crush The Castle

Stealth robbery mission

Tobes Hookshot Escape

Just you an the grappling hook!

Herm the Germ

Infect and multiply!

High Jump

Jump higher than ever before!


Neutralise the carbon orbs!

Job Runner

Run and Jump action game!

Jump Jump Rabbit

Jumping madness!

Doraemon and the king kong

Save your friend!

Super Treadmill

Help Billy burn his fat!

Cave Chaos

Adventure through a cave network

Llama in your Face

Be a llama!

Rope Jumping

A competition of rope jumping

Flirty Franky

Franky is on the run!


Candino is back!

Super Trail

Dirtbike madness!


Collect colorful balls!

The Base Jumper

Parachute cliff jumping!

Wacky Ballz 2

Guide the balls!

Skys The Limit

Take your mind off things!

Ninja Frog

Be a frog ninja!


Crazy mutant ninja action!

Maximum Frustration

How far will you get?


A retro one-button runner


Help colorful jellies work together

Super mario jump 2

Help Mario collect coins!

Super mario jump 2

Help Mario collect coins!

Rolling Stones

Beware of the stones

Doraemon and the bad dogs

Help Nobita!

Horsey Races

Cute horse racing

Big Leap

It's time to move!

Hurdle Hop

Hop your way through the pool!

Woo The Princess

Learn basics of wooing your beloved

Mr Cak ATV

ATV Madness!

Mario and yoshi adventure

Help mario to drive yoshi

Cat in a Cape

A cute retro style platformer.

Leap Mario

Jump up platforms as Mario!

Quacker Save Jerry

Quacker is to save jerry!

Adreno Rider

Motorbike obstacle race!

Grand Bike Canyon

Defy the most well-known Canyon

Cycle Scramble

Wacky bicycle racing!

Ovzi the Lost Alien

Help the lost alien!

Learn to Fly 2

Destroy those icebergs!

Hurry Up Bob 2

Help Bob escape the Aztec Ruins!

Baby Biker

Bike like a baby!

Rocketman GO! GO! GO!

Keep going, Rocketman!

Dillo Hills

Armadillos can fly!

Crazy Frencho

Guide Frencho to the carrots

Desert Bike

Ride your bike over Desert hills

Oh Sheep

Retro fun!

Stick Figure Badminton

Play badminton with your friend

Shaolin Master

Dodge ninjas and make score!

Freeway Fury

Jump over cars, avoid explosions!

Mario Bros Motobike 3

Complete all levels!

Pogo Rampage

Go on a rampage... pogo style!

Tweety Saves The Day

Get medicine but beware of cats


Run to maps and rescue girl

Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands

Classic platform


Combat your enemies


Collect the batteries and turn on

Bosses Forever

Test your skills against many bosses!

Destroy All Cars

Damage the car stacks

Vertical Drop Heroes

Rescue characters and kill enemies

Visible 3

Use your shadow!


Shoot the characters to survive

Toy Story - Woody to the Rescue

Help him to rescue her

Paper-cut Lucky Rabbit Jumping

Jump around


Fight monsters and dragons

Ninja Stealth

Ninjas have no rules!

Oink Bunk

Piggy on the run!

Kangaroo Jump

Mount the floor fast!

Mario Runner

Help Mario to meet his queen

Cable Ride

Help couples in cable car

Bike Champ 2

More Bikes, More Tracks!

Bike Champ

Motorcycle stunt madness

Spider Monkey

Jungle Superhero!

Robo Slug 2

The deadly slugger returns!

Go Squirrel Go

Flying squirrel adventure!

Pacman Platform 2

Do the Pacman!

Stunt Bike Draw

Draw your racing arena!

Snow Trouble

Get back stolen prezzies!


Tough girly sling!

Matrix Rampage

Fight the agent armies!

Pollo Vuela

Fly away to freedom!

Jumping Bananas

Game going bananas!


Battle the savages!

Go Green Go

See green, go green!

Rooney on the Rampage

Rooney has lost the plot!

Tube Racer

Robot tube racer!

Tennis Challenge

Wimbledon Tennis keep ups!

Go Up the Platform

Mushroom madness!

Garfield Football

Garfield gets footie!

Tennis Game

Love, Tennis, Match!

Flea Bag

Classic Dog fight Cat!

Mouse Mailer

Email virus attack!


Help the little Racoon collect smelly shoes!

Jungle Adventure

Help Waffle Boy rescue... waffles!

Gladiator Castle Wars

Win the heart of a princess!

Ninja Rinseout

Ultimate in stealth ninjas!

Super Bobby World

Take Bobby through the maze of death

Supermario Revived

Our very own Super Mario revived!

Spaceman Bobs Great Escape

Help spaceman Bob make his great escape!

Kirbys Star Scramble

Join Kirby on his super star quest!

Supermario Sunshine

Another fun Supermario adventure!

Fluff Volleyball

Play volleyball with a puffy fluffy!

One Mans Doomsday

There is only one winner, another mans domsday!

Walk in the Clouds

Take a walk in the clouds with the little monster!

Mario Adventure

Another great and fun Mario adventure game!

Ninja Air Combat

High flying kung-fu moves and deadly combat!

Fight Fight 2

Pick a skin, a fight arena, then fight fight fight!

Holy Cow

Holy Cow deliver their blessings!

Polar Jump

Squirrel glacier gallivanting!

Ninja Ninja

Fight a legion of evil ninjas as the legendary Black Ninja

Roman Rumble

The squirrel goes to Rome in this addicting game from 2DPlay!

Freaky Fun

A 25-level freaky fun squirrel adventure!

Hillbilly Invasion

Beam up all the farmyard animals!


Collect your lost marbles in a moving brain maze!

Koopas Revenge

Mario and gang ruined Koopas party - now take revenge!

Undead Assault

Be a brave paladin and slay the undead!

Wade Vs Star Syndicate

Help Wade reign in the evil stars!

Tribal Jump

A wild Mr. Squirrel adventure!

Kungfu Statesmen

Kung Fu with a political twist - freaking fun fun fun

Up the Platform

Travel up the platform by jumping from one set of blocks to the other.

Rick Dangerous

Classic platform game

Iron Ranger

Help Iron ranger complete all of the labrynths.

Midnight Strike

Action shooting game with a number of missions.

Mario Star Catcher 2

Reach for the stars in this Mario game.

Wheels of Salvation

Travel up the wheels to ground level.


Fight the bad guys and dont get killed.

Legend of the Dragon Fist

Defeat ten opponents to complete the game.

Hobbit Rampage

A little hobbit adventure.


Score a penalty shoot out in this soccer game.

Frogger 3D

Taking Frogger to a new dimension!

Tubbys Big Adventure

Eat as much food as you can!

Surfs Up

Surf the waves, pull of cool tricks and avoid the nasties!

Watcha Got

A game of style and game of skill.

Sky Diver

Need Diving skills?

Sonic in Angel Island

Classic Sonic for game fans out there.

Mario Time Attack Remix

Rescue the princess before time runs out.

Super Flash Mario Bros

Flash version of the original.

Street Fighter 2

Ryu vs Sagat

Tennis Ace

A great tennis game.

Prince of Persia

Timed adventure game from the Middle East.

Knievels Wild Ride

Daredevil Motorbike Stunt Game.

Ultimate Flash Sonic

Classic Sonic

Samurai Jack Code of the Samurai

Infiltrate Samurai Jack deep into the enemy territory

Yeti Sports Flamingo drive

The fifth part to the Yeti Sports Series.

Yeti Sports Albatros Overload

Another Yeti Sports classic.

Gohans Adventure 2

Second part to Gohans Adventure.


Great scooby style adventure game.

Wink in the Princess Stealing Dragon

Help Wink rescue the princess.

Spiderman Trapeze

Help spiderman get across the city.


Highly addictive skill game.

Gordys lunch

Dragon Gordy grabs some lunch.

Fight Man

Excellent martial art stick figure fighting game.

Midget Tossing

Practice theold sport of midget tossing

Little Erde

Throw your sausage around the globe . . .

Kung Fu Fighter

Awsome kung fu fighting flash game.

King of Fighters

Terrific fighting game.

Jet Pac Stan

Jet Pac Stan has to save Beyone!

Indiana Jones and the Pharoahs Tomb

Great Adventure game

Honey Bunny

Hunt for the Honey

Happy Heks

Help an old witch find all the ingredients for her magical potion...

Gohans Adventure

Exploring planet Nemek

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