Mouse Games

10 Gnomes In Venice

Find the gnomes!

Shave Time

Be the barber!


Make your universe

Invert Selection

Select the tiles!

Simple Squares

Simple square puzzler

Robo Trobo

Repair the mechanisms!


Follow the colors!

Rio Cup

Win the Cup!

An Ordinary Day

Just an ordinary day


What happens in dreams?

The Blue Beanie

Get your beanie back

Vamps Revenge

Reach the moon!


Geometry-based puzzler

Tales Of Carmelot

Find the missing gold

Monkey Go Happy Balloons

Pop those balloons!


Cute chalky game

Controlcraft 3

Total domination!


Space adventure awaits!

Click Em Up 2

Click the critters!

Into The Wild

Explore the island!

The Great House Escape

Escape from the house!

Ninja Referee

Be a ninja referee!

Icebreaker The Gathering

Viking unfreezing mission!

Submachine 4 The Lab

Explore the lab!

Pyjama Jump

A daredevil in pyjamas!

Monkey Go Happy Tales 2

Make the monkey happy

Blak Sampson and the Swarms of Mars

Defend against Mars!

Vortex Point 4

Solve the mystery

Frantic Planes

Defend the monkey kingdom!

Mad Worms


Monkey Go Happy Easter

Easter Monkeys


Hardcore snake game!

Submachine Ancient Adventure

Ancient temple adventure


Be the rescue hero!


Cyber road racing


Survive in the maze!

Music Catch

Catch the music

Pops Frenzy

Pop the bubbles!


Flappy RPG

3 Pandas in Brazil

Pandas go to Brazil!

Monkey Go Happy Adventure

Make the monkey happy

Space Crash

Help the cute alien

Mimou Escape 2

Save the cat!

Harry Quantum 4

Be a docstar!


Restore the picture

Idle Pinata

Get those candies!


Prepare for lift-off!

Candy Matcher

Match the candy

Shapefold 2

Restore the shapes

Trollface Quest 4

Olympic trolling!

Monkey Go Happy Mayhem

Monkey mayhem!

Cam The Camera

Help Cam the camera!

Winchester Dakota

Find the ruby!

Cut It

Bring back the life!


Rocket-powered croco!


The squares are attacking!

Tower Breaker 2

Royal ballistics!

Push Out Circles

Clever little puzzle


Destroy the viruses!

Lost Astronaut

Welcome to space!

Abduction Grannys Version

Punish the alien ship!

Monkey Go Happy Xmas Time

It's happy monkey time!


Complete the square

Greedy Sheriffs

Grab the treasures!

ClickPlay Time 3

It's ClickPlay time again!


Live a life!

Find The Candy

Keep looking!

Queens Quests

Monster breakout game

Easy Joe 2

Bunny mischief!

Maze Evolution 2

Reach the end!

Four Boxes

Harder than it looks!


It's a trampoline pong!

Mosaic Mingle

Speedy mosaics!

Dangerous Invention

Save the professor!

Free To Glow

Free the fireflies!

Cheese Hunt 2

Feed the mouse!

ClickPlay Time 2

It's Clickplay time again!

Totems Awakening 2

Wake up the totems!

Yummy Nuts 2

Feed the squirrel!

Magic Layers

Layer to win!

Balloons Go

Match the balloons!

Me And The Key 3

Find the key!

Touch The Bubbles 4

Pop the bubbles!

Clickplay Time

Click to play!


Entertain the audience!

Escape From The Scrapyard

Up, up and away!

Need A Hero

Save your friends!


Wrrrmz and mushrrrmz!

Disappearing Path

Follow the disappearing path!

Hopy Quest

Funny dragon adventure

Maze Evolution

Hard maze game

Plunder Mars

Space pirate launcher!

Stealing the Diamond

Steal that diamond

Black Side

Flip over!

Cute Owl 2

Make some noise in the woods!

Gung Ho Pirates

Shoot the pirates!

Monster Must Die LP

Monster puzzle game

Horror Errors

Find the horror errors!

Natural Selection

Catch the flies!

Big Bubble Pro

Be the biggest bubble!

Bristlies Level Pack

Put bristlies in their boxes!


Cut and divide!

Red White Slice

Slice the red off!

Slice The Box

Puzzle cutter!

Mad Burger

Mad flying burger!

Far Flung

Fling far and fast!

Down the Rabbit Hole

Go down the hole!

Match And Remove PP

Match to remove

Danger Donuts

Eliminate the danger!

A Short History of the World

Test your quick-wits!


Swap the hexagons!

Frantic 3

Frantic space shooter

Seahorse Bubble Escape

Save the Seahorse!

People On My Lawn 2

Get rid of the astronauts!

Sonic Bubbles

A melodic arcade!

Free Aliens

Free the aliens!

Smiley Showdown 2

Smiley reaction

Shapik The Quest

Little forest adventure

Maus Trap

Save Peanut the mouse!

Tickets 4 Love

Ask her out for a date!

Santas Fall

Land Santa safely

Ubooly and Friends

Find your friends!

Deep Sea Hunter

Explore the depths of the sea

Mutant Fighting Cup

Be the champion of mutants!

Click Defense

Click and defend!

Stream Master

Connect the balls

Icy Gifts 2

Free Santa!

Amigo Pancho 3

Take off amigo!

Monsterland 2 Junior Revenge

Wake up the lazy block!

Pinata Hunter

Candy shower!


Are you furious yet?

Find the cow

Where is the cow?

The Proposal

Get back your girlfriend!

Unagi 16

Solve the puzzles!

Little Witchs Mess

Find the Witches things


Light up the hexagons!

Tripeaks Halloween

Halloween themed Solitaire

Electro Combo

Addictive chain reaction game


Fold the shapes!

Binga 3

Solve the puzzles!


Make these buildings go BOOM!

The First Fire

Light the first fire ever!

Yuri the Space Jumper

Help Yuri find his spacesuit!

Inked Up Tattoo Shop

Run a tattoo shop!

Lost Robot

Find your way out!

Knightmare Tower

Escape the Tower!

Clickplay Quickfire

Click Play!

Speedboat Shooting

Protect the boat!

13 Worms

Save the crops!

Save The Dummy

Help the dummy escape!

Yin Yang Mahjong

Match the opposite tiles!

Jump Jump Rabbit

Jumping madness!


Fight the bad dreams!

Droid Land

Droid adventures

Zoo Mahjongg

Combine 4 tiles!

Gem Swap Luxury

Swap the gems

Soldier Diary

Life of a soldier

Papa Salad

Slice some veggies!

Accurate Slapshot

Hockey meets minigolf!

Cowboy Gin Rummy

Wild west card game!


Find the missing pieces!

Sheriff Chase

Chase the bandit!

Jolly Jong Journey

Mahjong game with a twist!

Bermuda Diver

Explore the seabed!

Halloween Clix

Eliminate the ghosts and ghouls!

Jolly Jong 2

Colorful Mahjong game

Risky Darts

Throw darts at the targets.

Ninja vs Zombie

Fight the brain-eaters!


Slice the boxes!

Round World

The world is round!

Hungry Worm

Memorize the fruits!

Outlaw Jack

Find Aztec treasure!

Quick Stick

Defeat all opposing stickmen!

Ninja Jump

Fun ninja jumping!

Headless joe

Help headless robot!

Mayan Mahjong

Discover the Mayan world!

Happy Easter Mahjong

Easter-themed Mahjong

Mementos of Closeness

Find hidden objects!

Pirates of the Stupid Seas

Sail the Stupid Seas!

Connect Me Please

Connect the buildings!

Discover USA

Explore US landmarks!

Monkey Brawl

Mix of tactics and action!

We Are Friends

Help cute monsters!

Ninja Frog

Be a frog ninja!

Celebrity Hunt

Make your best shot!

QCompressing the Heart

A moody adventure

Traffic Hazard

Control the traffic!

The First Hero

Be the first hero!

Bullet Maze

Ikaruga meets Mouse Maze

Big Ben Mahjong

Mahjong - London style!

Lazy Goat Sleepwalking

A sleepwalking adventure!


Practice squash!

Dash Or Crash

Get your reactions ready!

Andy The Athlete

Point and click Olympics!

Alien Family

Help family of aliens!

Robot Mom

Send robot to Earth!

Escape 3D Jail Cell

Escape from the jail!

Press the Panda

Complete each skill-based panda level!

Blitz 13

Mahjong meets solitaire!

Gifts Pusher

Push the gifts around!

Turkey Bombers Thanksgiving

Shoot turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner!

Stone Age Mahjong Connect

Connect and match tiles

Memory Crystal Balls

Test your memory!

Smashing Soccer

Test your goalkeeping skills!


Knock the Mushrooms down!

Castle Solitaire

Play Solitaire in beautiful castles

Find Words

Find hidden words!

Pumpkin Master

Roll the pumpkins!

Auto Smash

It's pedestrian time!

Eric Inventor

Help Eric to invent funny stuff!

ClickDEATH Graveyard

Raise undead stickmen and stick mummys!

Gabriel the Gladiator

Help the gladiator!

Pearl Breaking

Remove pearls

Flags of the World

fast-paced flags quiz game


Funny point and click game

Family of Squirrels

Help the family of Squirrels

The Brain Game

Test your brain in 6 fun

Time Killer

Kill some time!

Light it

Light up the bulbs!

Light it 2

Click on a wire to rotate

Fox on a River

Shoot the falling stones!

Escape 3D The Jail

Find a way out

Violet Sky

Special Bubble shooter with curving balls

Slotcar Legends

Race like a winner!


Mad math game

Rotating Bubble

Shoot the bubbles!

Dingo Pingo

Drag dingo home

Element Quest

Frantic bubble matcher!

Super Bingo

Bingo game

Big Leap

It's time to move!

Roly Poly Eliminator 2

Destroy all the evil Roly Polys!

Stick Save

The stickman circus is in town

Gangs Revenge

Action shooting puzzle

Double Role

Spot what's different between two frames

Jhatpat Shaadi

Put together the biggest wedding

Chav Buster

Beat up all the chavs

Deep and Blue

Help the Whale!

Blow up 2

Blow up colorful bubbles!

Snow White Solitaire

Play Solitaire with Snow White!

Bollywood Toss

Toss Bollywood celebrities!


Click to explode!

City Darts

Test your geography knowledge!

Dora Train Express

Help Dora drive the train!

Study in the UK Freekick Challenge

Football Freekick Challenge!!

Cute Dragon

Dress up a cute Dragon

Ragdoll Cannon Level Pack

Solve the puzzles by firing ragdoll

Fish For Food

Become biggest fish but avoid bigger

Angry Waiter 2

Destroy everything!

Causality 4

Get ready for some Causality Epicnesss!


Get five stones in one row

Machines Planet

Build machines to smash the zombies

Medieval Archer 2

Test your archery skills!


Click to kill all the stickmen!


Test your logic skills!

Fruit Match Puzzle

A juicy match three!

Kamikaze Blocks 2 Antigravity

Feed monsters!

Musketeer Path

Be a Musketeer!

Sapphire Room Escape

Now you have all Sapphires...

Flower Shopkeeper 2

Finest floral arrangements

Baseball Team

Teamwork is everything this baseball game!

Freeway Fallguy

Drive down freeway over obstacles!

Pool Bubbles

Play the Pool Bubbles!

Necromanthus Warcraft

Kill all the orcs!

247 Minigolf

Play the mini golf!

Cartoon Cove Mini Golf

Play mini-golf with your favorite cartoons

Doras Mini Golf

Play mini-golf and have fun!

Jungle Ruins

Escape ancient ruins!

Extreme Pearler

Gather pearls and pop the bubbles

Super Archer

You are a stick archer

Windy Clothesline

Protect your cloths from rain

Turret Tower Attack

Defend your wall

Dwarf's World Part 1

Help villagers to rebuild the village

Dwarfs' World Gold Miner

Help miner to mind the gold

Dutamasa Battle

Be apart of stone age battle


Dont miss the ball

Rich Piggy

Insert the gold coin in piggy

Kids' Club

Serve their favorite desserts!


Bomb the structures!

Destroy All Cars

Damage the car stacks

Diamond Valley 2

Line up similar diamonds to proceed

Water Ragdoll 2

Play with living ragdoll

Wedding Cakes

Creat most beautiful wedding cake

Wedding Shoppe

Shop the girls wedding gowns fast

Highway Justice

Drive your police car on highway

Toy Story 3 Hidden Objects

To infinity!

Table Tennis Championship

Be the best

Yellow Cat Ice Cream

Run the restaurant service


Run on street and keep alive


Clickers should stick together

Pokemon Tower Defense

Catch and train TD pokemons!

Obama at Home

Complete the give tasks on time

Gibbets 2

Shoot the ropes, save the people!

Shoot Belle

shooting the apple off her head

Ben 10 Space War

Fly and shoot rockets

Bullet Bender

Earn money by piercing materials!

Inflate Us

Inflate people-blocks in their quest!

Bouncing Smiley

Shoot them smiles

Magic Rune Matching

Have fun with those magic runes!

Enigmatic letter story

Find the hidden objects...

Symmetrical Drawings

Fun symmetrical drawings

Tit The Eye

shoot fast and hit target accurately

Lamp Light

Guide the firefly to the lanterns

Couple Fishes

Help those fish find their mate!

Burrito Bison

Launch yourself as far as possible!

Graffitis 2: Bubbled

Pop to release the paint blobs

Brickshooter deluxe

Destroy 3 or more colour bricks

Celebrity Clown

Celebrity Clowns Shoot'em up

Slap Gaddafi

Game Over Gaddafi!

Puny Humans Must Die

Reduce Earth to Rubble!

The Three Thieves

Thieving adventure through Paris!

World Cup Breakout 2010

World cup brick smasher!

Penguin Diner 2

Penny the Penguin Returns!

They Came From Space

Space ship sharp shooting!

StoneAge Sam 2 The Ice Age

Sam is back and as cool as ice!

StoneAge Sam

Help Sam survive as a caveman!

The Sniper 2

A sneaky Sniper sequel

Peter Paranormal

Ghoulish rescue mission at Spook Manor!

The Sniper

Get the snipers before they get you!

Slap the Nerd

Go on a nerdy slap-fest!

Jewels Gear

Matching with a twist!

Pinch Hitter

Brill backyard baseball!

Go Squirrel Go

Flying squirrel adventure!

Rail of War

Steam-power through enemy platoons!

Penguin Diner

Serve up some fun!

Metal Slug 2

Metal Slug returns!

Stunt Bike Draw

Draw your racing arena!


Crazy space shooter!

Rapid Fire 2

Highly addictive shooter gets better!

Squirrel Harvest

Nutty Squirrel adventure!


Fun fingerbilliards!

Toon Shift

Sort out your tooney brain!


Be a spacetrooper!

The Waitress

Earn the big tips!


Tracer madness!

Super Diamonds

Collect super diamonds!

Super Goals

Score a world cup goal!


It's all about "Eye"!

Mouse Mailer

Email virus attack!

King of Defenders

Help Terry score for England!

Panic Bomb 2

Panic - the bomb dodging robot is back!

Prevent Attack 2

Load your guns - it's attack time!

Gladiator Castle Wars

Win the heart of a princess!

Sky Fire

Fire raging in the skies!

Prevent Attack

Battle dreaded space aliens!

Rapid Fire

Rapid fire time trial brought to you by 2DPlay!

Thing Thing 3

Crazier, better, Thing Thing action!

Tooned Marooned

Play some toon-style survivor!

Tomato Fun

Catch the tomatoes before they fall.

Robot War

It's a robot war out there!


Play Murloc in this cool RPG game!

Piano Pooch

Play the piano pooch style!

Nex Game

Go ahead, break the ice!

Unreal Flash

This shooting game is unreal!

Tower Blaster

Take on the fearful Vikings in this numbers puzzler!

Stickman Odo 2

Point and click stickman adventure game - extreme fun!

Polar Jump

Squirrel glacier gallivanting!

Yeti Bubbles

Classic color matching game with a Yeti yank!

Jewel Of Atlantis

Discover the Jewel Of Atlantis!

Kong Kicks Ass

King Kong kicks some major celebrity arse!

Traps Mines And A Sheep

Leap your sheep over the heaps - score a feat!

Hillbilly Invasion

Beam up all the farmyard animals!

Goofy Gopher

Test your memory in this slick goofy gopher game

Thing Thing Arena

Another massively fun Thing-Thing adventure!

Zombie Rush

Help the surf gang protect their shack from the zombies!

Mouse Wars

Your cursor transforms into a lean, mean shooting machine!

Johnny Rocketfingers

Check out the cool, suave and suppish Mr. Rocketfingers

Parking Zone

Get your parking right on the colored spot!

Mud and Blood

Revisiting Vietman again - this time let's win the war!

Tribal Jump

A wild Mr. Squirrel adventure!

Star Ball

Bick a Brac, have some tact! Guranteed fun - howz that?

Nobuyuki Forces 3

Shoot your way through the bad guys

Thing Thing

Escape from the mental asylum.

Starcraft FA 3

A StarCraft based game.

Overrun 2

The second version of the popular overrun.

Perfect Pizza

Run your own Pizza shop!


Keep the Mouse on the target!

Space Fighters Revolution

Save the universe from a meteoric invasion.

Mouse Avoider

Avoid the blocks and you'll be ok.

Thing Thing 2

Great action with the second thing thing game.

Wheels of Salvation

Travel up the wheels to ground level.


Dont let these balls get eaten by the sea monster.

Mr Figgles

Collect stars and power ups.

Stickman Sam

Complete 19 levels of training as stickman sam.

Stone Breaker

Use the pad and ball to break the wall of stones.

Interactive Buddy

Do anything with your new buddy!


Get these big bad football players into position ready for the game.

Super Free Kicks

Score three goals with your free kicks.


Make your own metropolis by stacking blocks.

Terminator 3 Soundboard

T3 soundboard for Arnie fans.

Watcha Got

A game of style and game of skill.

Sonar 2003

Keep ups with silly funny sound effects!

Sky Diver

Need Diving skills?

Jewel Quest Online

The gem-matching adventure game!

Yeti Snowball

Ride the Snowball and jump the cracks.


2D Play's version of hangman.

Taldarian Petri Dish

Set the conditions in this petri dish and then watch the effects.

Rotate Mania

Roate pieces to eliminate them.


See how many moves you take to complete the puzzle.

Whack Your Boss

Whack your boss in cyberspace so you dont have to in real life(?)

Stan James

This is the ''Original Free Kick Challenge

Ultra Block

Eliminate blocks before they reach the top!

Ray 2

Follow Ray on another adventure and determine his fate.


An interactive make your own adventure type of thing.

Knievels Wild Ride

Daredevil Motorbike Stunt Game.

Wire Skeleton

An addictive funny game with a scientific background - Make the skeleton dance to your tunes!

Yeti Sports Flamingo drive

The fifth part to the Yeti Sports Series.

Yeti Sports Albatros Overload

Another Yeti Sports classic.

Puzzle Land

Help James Mahoganny beat his arch rival Gregory.

Yeti Sports Pingu

Try and hit poor old pingu as far as you can.

Paper Toss

For those mundane office days.


Highly addictive skill game.


Thinking skill game involving magnets.

One on One Soccer

Will keep you entertained for ages.

Naked Melee Armageddon

Strange little game where you have to go on a mad killing rampage.

Fire at Will

Target practice shooting game.


Help Average Joe's dodgeball team to win the championship.

Jailbird Man

Help Jailbird Man bust his clients out of Jail.

Metal Arm

Its a mean armoured robo-fight!

Mario World Overrun

Luigi defends a castle.

Maed Path

Stay on track of the moving path.


Calling all Beckam aspirers.


Very clever game of skill


Keep the bombs off the ground.

Jellyfish Shuffleboard

The bikini bottom's favourite pass-time


Truly inteligent and innovative board game.

The Hedgehog Game

Bungy over as quickly as you can to the hedgehogs house, avoids the red lava.

Master Checkers

Play a classic game of Checkers.

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