Obstacle Games


Explore a mysterious world

Fix The Sun

Adventure of the spark

Primary Max

Clone madness

Steam Rogue

Steam adventure

I Saw Her Across The World

I saw her again!

Glitch Lab

Beat the glitches in this game

Magicians 2

Lift the curse

Sweep Miner

Save the kids!

Simple Squares

Simple square puzzler

Robo Trobo

Repair the mechanisms!

Quad Cop

Defeat the bandits!

Stealthbound Level Pack

Infiltrate the evil corporation!

Strike Force Kitty

Save the princess!

Brazil World Cup 2014

Score a goal!

Phobi Jones

Jungle temple adventure

Sticky Ninja Missions

Ninja on a mission!

The Cursed Knight

Escape the dungeon!


Dwarven platformer

One Step Back

Run away from yourself

Pursuit Of Hat 2

Get that hat!

Pajama Boy 2

Dark forest adventure

Spy II

Infiltrate the suspicious organization

Pyjama Jump

A daredevil in pyjamas!

Awesome Mushroom Hunter

An unexpected adventure

Concerned Joe

Movement is life!

Slime Hook

Reach the exit!

Just Button

A very special button

Under Soul

Reunite the block and his soul


Funny prison escape

Puzzle Legend

Solve the puzzles in the dungeon

Circus Level Pack

Welcome to the circus!

Please Remain Calm

Survive in the maze

Shape Shifter

Shape-shifting adventure

Night Lights After Dark

Night lights sequel

Sneaky Dex

Robot adventure

Planet Adventure

Escape the unknown planet

Ditto Game

Mirrored adventure

Rock Paper Scissors Wizard

Morphing challenge


Meet your girlfriend!

Cheapskates 2

Get rich!

Another Planet 2

Cut your way through!

Car Toons 3

Funny car physics puzzle

Doors 2

Find the right door!

The Happy Thief and The Forgotten City

Survive in the City

Aliens Hurry Home

Help the cute alien


Cyber road racing


Colorful platformer game


Listen and explore


Shy droid story

A Ghostly Journey

Travel with the ghost

Dino Shift 2

The color dino is back!

Two Pipes 3

The pipe story continues

Gravity Boy

Gravity boy adventure


Gravity-bending platformer

Tesla War of Currents

Beat Edison!

Color Instinct

Re-colour yourself!


Sweet runner

Cover Orange Journey Knights

Orange the time traveler!

Time Swap

Time-travelling platformer

Electro Appliances

Power up the appliances!

Risen Level Pack

Epic comeback!

Green Liquid

Dare to differ


Rise and shine

Paintball Racers

Wacky paintball racing

The Right Way

Guide the cute robot

Labyrinth Secrets of Shadowhaven

Destroy the evil!

Amazing Sheriff

Sheriff vs aliens


Test your reflexes

Bubble Panda

Flying panda escape


The epic gecko story!


Fireman's tale

Above Average Guy

Think outside the box!

Candy Ride

Eat all the candy!

Parallel Levels

Beat parallel levels

Willy Likes Cookies

Feed Willy!

Go Under

Defy the laws of physics!


Can you survive?

Little Ninja

Defeat the demon samurai

The Choice

Reach for your loved one

Tiny Jumper

Sweet-toothed blob adventure!

Hero In The Ocean

Save the divers!

Greedy Sheriffs

Grab the treasures!


Solve puzzles to reach the exit!

Crash TV

Hardcore TV platforming!

I Quit Must Dash

Save your mustache!

Caved In

Escape the cave!


Tiny platformer


Save your friends!


Become anything!

Snail Bob 5

Bob's in love!

Good Daddy 2

Take care of the boy

Bomb Besieger

Blast the evil knights!

Cheese Barn Level Pack

Feed the ever-hungry mouse!

Golden Scarabaeus

Collect the treasure!

I Saw Her Too With Lasers

Cure the zombies

King Roll

Roll to your princess!

Layer Maze 5

Awesome maze game

Run Hopy Run

Help your friends!

Hardventure Into The Duat

Explore the ancient tombs

Tape Hunter

Chase the music!

Loves First Week

Love is an adventure!

Cheese Hunt 2

Feed the mouse!

Sweet Floyd

Eat the cake!

I Am Sticky

Get sticky!

Enough Plumbers 2

Plumber cloning fun!

Totems Awakening 2

Wake up the totems!

Awesome Cars

Wacky racing game

Red Ball 4 Vol 3

The story continues!

Headless Zombie

Reclaim your castle!

Color Cubes

Mix and combine!

Alligator Like Duck

Where is my ducky?

Armed To The Teeth

Help the viking!

Age Of Wonder

Spread the knowledge!

Alice In Clumsy Land

Help the rabbit!

Robot Go Home

Help the robot!

Dr Acorn Level Pack

The Doctor is back!

Wheely 2

Save your friend!

Cut The Monster

Slice those monsters!

Lucky Crab

Be the richest crab!

Banana Bounce

Cute monkey launcher

Nelly 2 Episode 1

Survive in the forest!

Froggy Cupcake

Feed the frog!

Jetpack Nemesis

Escape the nemesis!

Viktor The Nth

Follow your ancestors!

Last Legacy

Save the village!

Just A Trim Please

Mow the lawn!

Red Extinction

Evolve and fight!

Mini Passage

Choose your way!

Running Warrior

Save your girlfriend!

Experimental Shooter 2

Puzzle shooting game


Release your inner self!

Transmorpher 2

Escape the alien lab


Reach the exit!

Dwarf Coins

Collect the coins!

Mine It

Minecraft-themed puzzle

Leave Me A Clone

Clone yourself!


Restore your soul!

Frank N Slime

Escape the laboratory!

Escape From The Scrapyard

Up, up and away!

Cat Around Asia

Feed the cat!

You Are Toast 3 Prehistoric

Don't get eaten!


Save the cats!

I Feel Free

Break free!

My Undead Neighbors 3

Uncover the ancient treasure!

Bob The Robber 2

Help the robber hero

Night Lights

Night time puzzling


Dumb robot adventure

Vex 2

Fast and furious platformer


The world of words!

Plunder Mars

Space pirate launcher!

BMX Stunts 3

Pull Stunts to earn points!

Jelly Alien

Jellicious puzzle!

All We Need Is Brain Level Pack

Eliminate the zombies!

Isoball 3

Isometric puzzler

Ninja Miner

Dash and mine!

Papa Louie 2

When burgers attack!


Claim your prize!

Gum Drop Hop 3

Candyland adventure

Cheese Race

Steal the cheese!

Monsterland 3 Junior Returns

Junior never sleeps!

Cubus Velox

Defy the gravity

Everyone Together

All together now!

N Ninja 2

Tough ninja game

Snail Bob Space

Explore the Space!

Paperventure 2

Go on a paper adventure!

Red Ball 4 Vol 2

Don't become square!

Ghostly Me

Life of a tiny ghost

Pretentious Game 2

Break free!

Gravity Thruster

Escape the gravitational field

Fancy Pants Adventure 3

Help the king!


Mine space minerals!

Simple Motions

Do the motions!


Eat the electrons!

Rolling Fall 3

Knock off the zombies!


Think out of the box!


Lose and win!


Roll, don't jump!

Agent Higgs

Hide Agent Higgs!

Sky Run

Run in the sky!


One step at a time!

Winter Insomnia

Collect the apples!

Orange Gravity 2 Level Pack

Fruity gravity game

Two Pipes 2

Hop in the pipe!




Test the life elixir!

Silly Sausage

Stretchy adventure

Agent James Box

Get the diamond back!


Tiny brick shooter


Avoid self-collision!

Maze 4

Pass the deadly maze


Unfreeze your tribe

Spin Spin 2

Time to spin again!

Lost Space

Can you drive a spaceship?


Cute pixel platformer

A Bit of Fun

Have some fun!

Drake and the Wizards 2

Fight the evil dragon!


Collects coins, shoves boxes!

Christmas Gifts

Deliver the presents!

Invisible RGB

Make your way to the exit!


Get your heart back!

Next Please

Who's next?

Amigo Pancho 3

Take off amigo!

Snail Bob 3

Snail Bob in Egypt!



Death Count

How many deaths does it take?

Qubed Mysterious Island

Cubic adventure

Humbug 2

A total humbug!


Be a king of duotasking!

Maximum Frustration 2

A frustrating and fun platformer!

Mini Quest Trials

Pixel-perfect challenge

The Last Dino


Pogo Challenge

Epic Pogo Jumping Challenge


Feed the bunnies!


Malfunction guaranteed!


Prehistoric egg chase

Two Pipes

Reach the pipe!

Haunted Halloween

Get your head back!

Draw and Fly

Fly through space


Collect scattered souls!

Dream Symphony

Compose your symphony

BMX Stunts 2

Ninja bike stunts!

Future Buddy

Get in the box!

Box10 ATV 5

Snowy ATV racing

Kaboomz 4

Pop the balloonz!

Arranje that

Arrange the shapes!

Shadow Drifter

Avoid the light!

Billy Square

Box-throwing fun!

Big Little Plagiary 3

Stylish little platformer

Groom on the run 2

Don't get married... Again!

Save The Dummy

Help the dummy escape!

Redneck Truck Parking

Park your truck!

Passage of Life

Determine your destiny!

Pursuit of Hat

Get back your hat!

Job Runner

Run and Jump action game!

Chopper Dash

Cute chopper game

Cave Chaos

Adventure through a cave network


Fast forward your life!

American Car Parking

Park your car!

The Elemonator

Throw some lemons!

Cinema Drive In Parking

Car parking game

Ninja vs Zombie

Fight the brain-eaters!

Round World

The world is round!

Trapped Ball 2

The ball is trapped!

Stickman Stunts

Do the bike stunts!

Minefield Racer

Explosive driving game

Spikes Tend to Kill You 2

Avoid everything dangerous!

The Smurfs Adventure

The Smurfs platformer

Top Truck 3

Top Truck is back!

Santa Rider 2

Biking Santa!


Help colorful jellies work together

Hanger 2

Swing your way through each level!

Happy Marathon

Run to your victory

ClickDEATH Graveyard

Raise undead stickmen and stick mummys!

Fantastic Duet

Survive as Mario or Sonic!

Stalk the Frog

Catch that frog!

Mario Ride 3

Mario drives bike

Dada Race

Avatar nappy race!

Red Ball 3

Guide Red Ball through each level!

Super TAT

Help Tat win the Trophy!

Spongebob M Mask

Help save bikini bottom citizen

Sweep Nancy House

Girl clean game

Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Grab the fruit and kick enemies

Scooby Doo Snow Show

Collect coins among obstacles!

Go Diego Go Snowboard Rescue

Help Diego to save animals

Football Rush

Dodge your opposition for victory

Gillette Soccer Mobile

Score 10 goals to proceed

Parking Space 2

Place your car in marked rectangle!

Mini Bike Challenge

Take the Mini Bike Challenge!

Max Dirt Bike 2

Ready for more tilty bike stuff?

Mario Motobike 2

Ride your bike as Super Mario

Jaludo Biker

Try to escape obstacles without falling!

Ninja Combat

Feel yourself ninja, take missions!

Ben 10 Ninja Spirit

Slice, dice ninjas as Ben 10

Stunt Dirt Bike 2

Cant get enough muddy airborne action?

Bomb It 3

Bomb and blast enemies to smithereens!

Machines Planet

Build machines to smash the zombies

Mario and yoshi adventure

Help mario to drive yoshi

Cat in a Cape

A cute retro style platformer.

Lethal Racing 2

Lethal Racing is back!

Box10 BMX

Pull off stunts and earn points


Complete 24 levels, make record!

Moto X Madness

Go for the gold!

Path Of Honor

Save villagers from danger

Shaolin Master

Dodge ninjas and make score!

Freeway Fury

Jump over cars, avoid explosions!

Freeway Fallguy

Drive down freeway over obstacles!


Clear obstcles and win the game

Nuclear Motocross

Drive motorcycle safe, grab coins

Jungle Ruins

Escape ancient ruins!

Chalk Bounce

a bouncing ball board


Race among cars and win championship!

Sushi Cat 2

Assist Sushi escape to home

Sushi Cat The Honeymoon

Assist Sushi find her way home

Rush Rush Pizza

Deliver pizza to your clients fast!

Sky Control

You control the skies!

Rolling Hero 2

Puzzle game

Super Mario Drive

Drive Super Mario in mario world

Robo Bike

Take out rogue robots on your bike

Skilled Driver

Collect the cones without crashing

Sim Taxi - Lotopolis City

drop your pessengers off!

Tweety Saves The Day

Get medicine but beware of cats

Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands

Classic platform


Combat your enemies

Rich Piggy

Insert the gold coin in piggy


Collect the batteries and turn on

Demolish Truck 2

Drive your truck and get stars

Vertical Drop Heroes

Rescue characters and kill enemies


Collect Llama gold!

Visible 3

Use your shadow!

Volcano - Panic In Island

Save yourself!

Werewolf Rider

Ride through the hills

Highway Justice

Drive your police car on highway

Year 2012

Escape the devastation

Uphill Farmer

Pick up money without falling

Zombie Racing

Run over the zombies

Zombie Tank Battle

They invading, destory them!

3D Bunny Track

Rabbit escapes world of blocks

Joe Grenadier

Joe likes to blow up things!

Ben 10 Space War

Fly and shoot rockets

Oink Bunk

Piggy on the run!

Pick & Dig

Clear your way through the puzzle maze

Bike Champ 2

More Bikes, More Tracks!

Orb Eater

Eat floating balls

Heli Racer

Extreme Chopper racing!

Skies of War

Pilot the rebel army into battle!

No Comment

News hound alert!

Hero Tank

You a hero tank?


Car loads of fire!

Loa and the Island Quest

Exterminate the root of evil!

Pacman Platform 2

Do the Pacman!

KGB Hunter

Take out enemy cars!

Stunt Bike Draw

Draw your racing arena!

Snow Trouble

Get back stolen prezzies!


Tough girly sling!

Matrix Rampage

Fight the agent armies!

Rescue Mission

Rescue Innocents!

Romanius 2

Romanius continues his revenge!

Muffin the Star Hunter

Reach for the stars, muffin!

Heavy Metal Rider

Exhilirating bike game!


Cola keepy-up's!

Jumping Bananas

Game going bananas!

Spaceman 2

Rescue the aliens!

Toon Shift

Sort out your tooney brain!


A battle of titanic propotions!


Battle the savages!

Fish Eats Fish

Be the tank biggie!

Go Green Go

See green, go green!

Mortgage Invaders

Shrink your mortgage!

Stealth Hunter

Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell game play!

Go Up the Platform

Mushroom madness!

Garfield Football

Garfield gets footie!

Robo Slug

Annihilate enemy rebel robots!

Mouse Mailer

Email virus attack!


Don't be a garbageman!


Help the little Racoon collect smelly shoes!

Panic Bomb 2

Panic - the bomb dodging robot is back!

Jungle Adventure

Help Waffle Boy rescue... waffles!

Gladiator Castle Wars

Win the heart of a princess!

Motorbike 1

Extreme bike racing in nasty terrain!


Put some knock out fun into your spin!

Star Fruit

Star fruit space catcher!

Thing Thing 3

Crazier, better, Thing Thing action!

Rocket Bike

Pick a biker and race them silly!

Supermario Revived

Our very own Super Mario revived!

Four Second Fury

Four seconds of complete madness!

Miepies Combat

Miepie lands himself in combat swamp!

Spaceman Bobs Great Escape

Help spaceman Bob make his great escape!

Robot War

It's a robot war out there!

Supermario Sunshine

Another fun Supermario adventure!

Shop Lifter

Kids don't try this at home or in shops!

Fluff Volleyball

Play volleyball with a puffy fluffy!

One Mans Doomsday

There is only one winner, another mans domsday!

Unreal Flash

This shooting game is unreal!

Fight Fight 2

Pick a skin, a fight arena, then fight fight fight!

Roman Rumble

The squirrel goes to Rome in this addicting game from 2DPlay!

Freaky Fun

A 25-level freaky fun squirrel adventure!

Sandman game

Go on an adventure of your dreams!

Thing Thing Arena

Another massively fun Thing-Thing adventure!

Koopas Revenge

Mario and gang ruined Koopas party - now take revenge!

Mob Payback

You messed with the mob, now they've come to get you!


Journey through hostile zones and confront baddies!

Heel Over

Don't let the lady heel over!

The Shootout

Your last chance to save lives and take on the terrorists!

Super Soldier

Non-stop shooting, jumping and exploding action!

Soulmech Shinobu

Help Shinobu slash, hash and fight off some serious ninjas!

Insurance Hunter

If you loved Spy Hunter - you'll be bonkers about this game!

Kungfu Statesmen

Kung Fu with a political twist - freaking fun fun fun


Click the fireworks the same colour as the cursor to score points.

Space Fighters Revolution

Save the universe from a meteoric invasion.

Mouse Avoider

Avoid the blocks and you'll be ok.

Thing Thing 2

Great action with the second thing thing game.

Take to the Streets

Take on hoodlums and and chavs on the streets.

Ledix Adventure 2

Help Ledix escape the maze full of jewels.


Escape the maze before time runs out.

Legend of the Dragon Fist

Defeat ten opponents to complete the game.

Frogger 3D

Taking Frogger to a new dimension!

Metroid Genesis

Shoot all the aliens before they kill you!

Super Free Kicks

Score three goals with your free kicks.

Tanrei Stadium

Hit those homeruns!

Sky Diver

Need Diving skills?

Sonic in Angel Island

Classic Sonic for game fans out there.

Mario Time Attack Remix

Rescue the princess before time runs out.

Super Flash Mario Bros

Flash version of the original.


Flip the bridges so that the ball has a path to follow to the centre.

Way of the Exploding Stick

Interactive stick man game where you perform the moves.

Street Fighter 2

Ryu vs Sagat

Shuriken Challenge

Got Ninja skills?

Zap To It

Cast a spell and clean up the mess you made before Dad gets home!

Prince of Persia

Timed adventure game from the Middle East.

Samurai Jack Code of the Samurai

Infiltrate Samurai Jack deep into the enemy territory

Yeti Sports Albatros Overload

Another Yeti Sports classic.

Gohans Adventure 2

Second part to Gohans Adventure.

Puzzle Land

Help James Mahoganny beat his arch rival Gregory.

Park A Lot

Learn to drive and get a job parkin' cars.

Wink in the Princess Stealing Dragon

Help Wink rescue the princess.

Rumble Ball

Shoot the ball through the maze - highly addictive


Thinking skill game involving magnets.


Classic Arcade Game

Fire at Will

Target practice shooting game.


Help Average Joe's dodgeball team to win the championship.

Jailbird Man

Help Jailbird Man bust his clients out of Jail.

Maed Path

Stay on track of the moving path.

Little Erde

Throw your sausage around the globe . . .

Layer Cake

Make your getaway!

Lander X

Get the spaceship from one point to another.

Kung Fu Fighter

Awsome kung fu fighting flash game.

Jellyfish Shuffleboard

The bikini bottom's favourite pass-time

Indiana Jones and the Pharoahs Tomb

Great Adventure game

Happy Pill

Spread the joy!

Happy Heks

Help an old witch find all the ingredients for her magical potion...

Gunny Bunny 2

The Bunny with the Guns returns.

Frantic Killer

Definite must-play.

Footie Kick

Strange twist on the game of football.

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