Platform Games


Explore a mysterious world

Dash Dash

Run away!


Water-powered platformer

Flip World

A very dangerous world!


Climb the world!

Fix The Sun

Adventure of the spark

Primary Max

Clone madness

I Saw Her Across The World

I saw her again!

Stolen Sword

Retrieve your sword

Glitch Lab

Beat the glitches in this game

Magicians 2

Lift the curse

Quad Cop

Defeat the bandits!

Stealthbound Level Pack

Infiltrate the evil corporation!

Quantum Patrol 2

Complete the missions in space

The Sun for the Vampire

Adventures of a vampire!

A Kitty Dream

Explore the dream world

Land Of Enki

Old school adventure

Phobi Jones

Jungle temple adventure

Rollin Tot

Help the cute rolling tot!


A short story platformer

Wake The Rabbit

Wake up the sleepy rabbit!

The Cursed Knight

Escape the dungeon!

Chasing Raisin

Chase that raisin!

One Step Back

Run away from yourself

Lils Quest

A tiny adventure!

Saving The Company

Save your business!

Pursuit Of Hat 2

Get that hat!

Pajama Boy 2

Dark forest adventure

Fur and Furious

Chase the red dot!

Awesome Mushroom Hunter

An unexpected adventure

Concerned Joe

Movement is life!

Beneath The Trolls

Adventure beneath the surface

The Valley Rule

Find a way out!

Steam King

Save your kingdom!

Just Button

A very special button


Feed the world!

Red Warrior

Free your friends!

Where Is My Beard

Beards rule!

Please Remain Calm

Survive in the maze

Shape Shifter

Shape-shifting adventure

Night Lights After Dark

Night lights sequel

Tricky Rick 2

Physics-based puzzle platformer

Level Editor 3

Survive in level editor!

Sneaky Dex

Robot adventure

Planet Adventure

Escape the unknown planet

Ditto Game

Mirrored adventure

Rock Paper Scissors Wizard

Morphing challenge


Meet your girlfriend!

Frizzle Fraz 4

Fun Frizzles adventure

The I of It

Reunite the letters!

Gravity Den

Challenging platforming game

Doors 2

Find the right door!

The Happy Thief and The Forgotten City

Survive in the City

Aliens Hurry Home

Help the cute alien


Colorful platformer game

Droids Steal For Me

Help the nerdy robber


Copy and paste platforms!

Erline The Magic Orbs

Save the Aurla forest


Shy droid story

A Ghostly Journey

Travel with the ghost

Dino Shift 2

The color dino is back!


Escape the shadows

Two Pipes 3

The pipe story continues

Gravity Boy

Gravity boy adventure


Gravity-bending platformer

The Amazing Adventures of Frees

Reclaim your stuff!

Change Type

Rewire the game!

Goat Guardian

Save your pet goat!

Copy Shot

Copy-paste your way to freedom!


Funny creature adevnture

Mummy Busters

Destroy the mummies

Time Swap

Time-travelling platformer

Risen Level Pack

Epic comeback!


Rise and shine

Labyrinth Secrets of Shadowhaven

Destroy the evil!

Pandesal Boy

Bring back the bread!

Neverending Chevalier

Hop for fame and glory!


Displace and dispense!

Clobe The Portal Adventure

Restore the Portal System


Keep walking!


The epic gecko story!


Fireman's tale

Above Average Guy

Think outside the box!

Where is 2012

Find the New Year!

Cookie Needs Jam

Help the cookie meet jam!

Go Under

Defy the laws of physics!

Fever Blue

Explore the strange world


Can you survive?

Gift Rush

Deliver the gifts!

The Choice

Reach for your loved one


End the age of darkness!

Santa Run 2

Santa, you are late!

Crash TV

Hardcore TV platforming!

I Quit Must Dash

Save your mustache!

I And My Shadow

Just you and your shadow

High Sky

Magic story about friends




Tiny platformer


Save your friends!

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Survive in the dungeons!


Blitz and win!

Furtive Dao

Restore the shelter!

Snail Bob 5

Bob's in love!

Home Sheep Home Lost in Space

Space sheep!

How To Make A Sequel

A game of changing rules!


The ultimate destruction bot!

Cheese Barn Level Pack

Feed the ever-hungry mouse!

I Saw Her Too With Lasers

Cure the zombies

King Roll

Roll to your princess!


Repair your ship's motor!

Tetronimo Laboratory

Escape the Russian lab!

Run Hopy Run

Help your friends!

Hardventure Into The Duat

Explore the ancient tombs

Kolobok Level Pack

Kolobok is back!

Tape Hunter

Chase the music!

Hardcore Pawn

War between black and white

Mine Hero

Pop the mines!

Pirate Monsters

Blow up the pirates!

Loves First Week

Love is an adventure!

Cheese Hunt 2

Feed the mouse!


Get happy!

I Am Sticky

Get sticky!

Enough Plumbers 2

Plumber cloning fun!

Final Charge

Activate the beacons!

Red Ball 4 Vol 3

The story continues!

Headless Zombie

Reclaim your castle!

Gentle Gravity

Save your wife!

Robot Go Home

Help the robot!


Get in the box


Find your way back!

Gravity Plex

Gravity twisting puzzle


Collect the treasures!

Nelly 2 Episode 1

Survive in the forest!

Sky Freaks

Get all the balloons!

Viktor The Nth

Follow your ancestors!

Fifty Jumps

Ultimate jumping challenge

Once In The Cave

Be a wizard!

Experimental Shooter 2

Puzzle shooting game


Release your inner self!

Transmorpher 2

Escape the alien lab


Reach the exit!

Dwarf Coins

Collect the coins!

Mine It

Minecraft-themed puzzle

Ballad of the Cube

Rescue your princess!

Leave Me A Clone

Clone yourself!


Restore your soul!

Frank N Slime

Escape the laboratory!

Pajama Boy

Get out of your bad dream!

Reverse Boots

Princess-saving adventure!

My Undead Neighbors 3

Uncover the ancient treasure!

Comicbook Cody

Get your books back!

Hyper Pixel Man

Retro platform hopper

Bob The Robber 2

Help the robber hero


Dumb robot adventure

Armado HD

Run, roll and stomp!

Vex 2

Fast and furious platformer


The world of words!


Save the ice cube!


Survive in the caves!

Gem Hunter

Collect the gems!

Papa Louie 2

When burgers attack!

Tamus Adventure

Stop the pollution!

Gum Drop Hop 3

Candyland adventure

Cave Boogies

Explore the caves

Steel Novella

Retro platforming fun!

N Ninja 2

Tough ninja game

Flip And Go

Get the candy!

Snail Bob Space

Explore the Space!


Escape the ghosts!

Paperventure 2

Go on a paper adventure!

Ghostly Me

Life of a tiny ghost

Mr Tart

Get in the box!

Pretentious Game 2

Break free!

This Is Not A Minimalist Game

Restore the world!

Kirby New Adventure

New adventures of Kirby!

Fancy Pants Adventure 3

Help the king!

Frizzle Fraz Round 3

Save the Frizzles!

Lost Fluid

Restore the life!

Super Stock Take

Earn your peanuts!

Lucas Quest Backwards

Go back in time!

The Other Half

Meet your other half


Save the girl!

Super Bomb Bugs

Jump and stop the baddies!

On The Run

Calculate and escape!

Abe Zombie Rescue

Save humanity from zombies!

Sleepwalkers Journey

Meet drowsy Moonboy!

Button X20

Press the button!

Temple Glider

Escape the tombs!


Think out of the box!

Fireboy and Watergirl 4

Enter the Crystal Temple!


Lose and win!


Roll, don't jump!

Cosmo Gravity

Space gravity switcher

Sky Run

Run in the sky!

Robot Phone Home

Phone home!


Robotic platforming

Splitman 2

Split and win!


Resonate your way through

Winter Insomnia

Collect the apples!

Swindler 2

Swindle more!

Polar Bob

Save the princess!

Cyclops Physics

Sort the Cyclops

Two Pipes 2

Hop in the pipe!

Fatty Genius Time Travels

Travel in time!


Test the life elixir!

Ode to Pixel Days

Ever-shrinking boy!

They Have Stolen Our Sun

Get the sun back!

Noitcelfer 2

You and your reflection

400 Years

Stop the disaster!


Tiny brick shooter


Avoid self-collision!

Abduction 2

Escape the alien lab!

Vault Runner

Put your skills to test!

Super Sub Hero

Defeat the wizard

Spin Spin 2

Time to spin again!

Spin Spin

Spin to find your girlfriend


Cute pixel platformer

A Bit of Fun

Have some fun!


Escape the lab!

Drake and the Wizards 2

Fight the evil dragon!


Collects coins, shoves boxes!

Wish Totems

Fulfil some wishes!


Snata goes BOOM!

Invisible RGB

Make your way to the exit!


Get your heart back!

Snail Bob 3

Snail Bob in Egypt!


Tiny adventure



Death Count

How many deaths does it take?

Qubed Mysterious Island

Cubic adventure

Humbug 2

A total humbug!


Be a king of duotasking!

Mini Quest Trials

Pixel-perfect challenge

The Last Dino


Pogo Challenge

Epic Pogo Jumping Challenge

Stickmans Great Adventure

Adventures of the stickman

Flawed Dimension

Escape the dark world


Feed the bunnies!

Balls of Life

Welcome to life!

E Roc

Get back to the ship!


Malfunction guaranteed!

Home Sheep Home Lost Underground

Shaun the Sheep goes Underground


Prehistoric egg chase

Tribot Fighter

Warrior with three souls

Red Ball 4

Defeat the evil square blob!

Two Pipes

Reach the pipe!


Collect scattered souls!

Dream Symphony

Compose your symphony


Dreams come true

Magnet Kid

Magnetic adventure

Future Buddy

Get in the box!

Nikki Neigh and Tricky Trey

Adventure in candyland

Go robots

Go robots, go!


Bring the ghosts back!


Metal ball adventures

Machine man Alliance

Robot teamplay adventure!

Ben 10 Aliens Kill Zone

Destroy the aliens

Pheus and Mor

Embark on a journey!


Change your perspective!

Big Little Plagiary 3

Stylish little platformer


Hop in the tube!

Tobes Hookshot Escape

Just you an the grappling hook!

Patrick the Postman

Deliver the parcels!

Super Adventure Pals

Super adventure begins!


Knightly platformer

Angel of the Battlefield 2

Rescue the bunnies!


Neutralise the carbon orbs!


Platformer about the lost robot

You are still a box

Be the box!

Cactus McCoy 2

Cactus McCoy's epic adventure!

Acorn Story

Find your Acorn

Pursuit of Hat

Get back your hat!


Help Eine and Kleine!

Niwit Slide

Burst your speed to the max!

Doraemon and the king kong

Save your friend!

Recursion game

Mind-bending puzzle platformer!

White Random

Reach the exit


Drop, tangle and roll!

I Saw Her Standing There

A fun platformer with love!

Jelly Escape

How quick can you escape?


Fast forward your life!

Ice Age Online

Fast-paced platform action!

N3rd Boy

Vertical speedrun platformer

Sophie In Time

Find a way back home!

One and One Story

Love, pain and life

Home Sheep Home 2

Help Shaun the Sheep

Super Big Gun Adventure

One gun to rule them all!


Keep falling!

Teddy Bears Adventure

Little Teddy is hungry

Ant with Gravity Ball

Gravity platformer game

Pick and Dig 2

Pick and Dig is back!

Egg man

Save the eggs!


Candino is back!

My Undead Neighbors

Find the key and escape!


Collect coins, move to exit!


Escape the hospital!


Collect colorful balls!

Dino Shift

Dino platformer!

Jacko in Hell

Find the final element!

Wacky Ballz 2

Guide the balls!

F Runner

Challenge your reflexes!

Skys The Limit

Take your mind off things!

Spikes Tend to Kill You 2

Avoid everything dangerous!

Ninja Frog

Be a frog ninja!


A killbot needs a new career!

Donkey Kong Time Attack

Race against the time!


Twisted little platformer


Crazy mutant ninja action!

Maximum Frustration

How far will you get?

The Smurfs Adventure

The Smurfs platformer

Rainbow Rabbit Adventure 2

Grab some carrots

Greens Survive only when Reds Die

Save the Greens!

Turkey Bombers Thanksgiving

Shoot turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner!

Guru of Time

Defeat the Evil Gurus!

Rainbow Rabbit Adventure

Adventures in the rainbow world

Mario Physics Adventure

It's Mario with physics!


Help colorful jellies work together

Dora strawberry world

Help collect strawberries!

Rolling Stones

Beware of the stones

Doraemon and the bad dogs

Help Nobita!

Fantastic Duet

Survive as Mario or Sonic!

Gold coin hunter

Collect all coins!

Mario Arctic Adventure

Mario in Arctic

Mario Ride 3

Mario drives bike

Red Ball 3

Guide Red Ball through each level!

Mission EggPossible

An Eggpossible mission awaits you!

Super TAT

Help Tat win the Trophy!

Bohun Revenge

Play as shadow fighter

Hippos Feeder

Feed the Hippo!

Super mario remix 3

Mario remixed

Bonkers Conkers

Nuts attack

Ninja Combat

Feel yourself ninja, take missions!

Ben 10 Ninja Spirit

Slice, dice ninjas as Ben 10

Cat in a Cape

A cute retro style platformer.

Mario N Sonic

Mario and Sonic go home

Leap Mario

Jump up platforms as Mario!

Quacker Save Jerry

Quacker is to save jerry!

Ovzi the Lost Alien

Help the lost alien!

Hurry Up Bob 2

Help Bob escape the Aztec Ruins!

Rocketman GO! GO! GO!

Keep going, Rocketman!

Dada Adventure

This is a dangerous trip

Stick Hero

Create your own game

Amuse Park

Side scrolling park management game

Peachs Pitch

Princess confronts Bowser's henchmen

Free Super Mario Bros

Kill enemies, grab coins

Samurai Heart

Ninja fighting action

Pokemon Adventure

Play as Pikachu

Deadly Doc

Fight off the diseases to survive.


A thrilling journey is beginning now


Run to maps and rescue girl

Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands

Classic platform


Combat your enemies

Bosses Forever

Test your skills against many bosses!

Vault Assault

Fight the monsters!

Vertical Drop Heroes

Rescue characters and kill enemies


Collect Llama gold!

Visible 3

Use your shadow!


Shoot the characters to survive

Rolling Hero

physics, skill, puzzle

Beat Barrel

This is physical puzzle


Looks simple, incredible, annoying!

The Chase

Intel - Protect the package

Kangaroo Jump

Mount the floor fast!

Mario Across The World

Collect all coins with Mario

Mario Runner

Help Mario to meet his queen

Take Seedling Home

Chicken and seedling on a leash

Pick & Dig

Clear your way through the puzzle maze

East Fantasy

Fight your enemies!

Cactus McCoy

Fight through each action filled level

Puny Humans Must Die

Reduce Earth to Rubble!

The Three Thieves

Thieving adventure through Paris!

Nevermore 3

Platform adventuring is back!

StoneAge Sam 2 The Ice Age

Sam is back and as cool as ice!

StoneAge Sam

Help Sam survive as a caveman!

Go Squirrel Go

Flying squirrel adventure!

Rail of War

Steam-power through enemy platoons!

No Comment

News hound alert!


Incredible space shooter!

Maggies Germy Roundup

Maggie the germ buster!

Pacman Platform 2

Do the Pacman!

Sub Wars

Launch an under water assault!


Tough girly sling!

Matrix Rampage

Fight the agent armies!

Rescue Mission

Rescue Innocents!

Romanius 2

Romanius continues his revenge!

Muffin the Star Hunter

Reach for the stars, muffin!

Jumping Bananas

Game going bananas!

Granny In Paradise Online

Super granny is ready to rumble.


Slay the evil boy scouts!

Nacho Kungfu

Kungfu off the baddies!

Pie Craving

Catch a pie in the sky!

Super Diamonds

Collect super diamonds!

Mr Piggy

Mr. Piggy's amazing adventure!

Mouse Mailer

Email virus attack!

Jungle Adventure

Help Waffle Boy rescue... waffles!

Sky Fire

Fire raging in the skies!


Help ploop collect his ploops!

Ninja Rinseout

Ultimate in stealth ninjas!

Nevermore 1

Great adventure in Nevermore!

Nevermore 2

Enter the enigmatic world of Nevermore!

Super Bobby World

Take Bobby through the maze of death

Playing with Fire

Playing with fire has never been so much fun!

Supermario Revived

Our very own Super Mario revived!

Miepies Combat

Miepie lands himself in combat swamp!

Kirbys Star Scramble

Join Kirby on his super star quest!

Supermario Sunshine

Another fun Supermario adventure!

Panik Poopascoopa

This little guy looooves his poo!

One Mans Doomsday

There is only one winner, another mans domsday!

Poolside Sumo

Sumo wrestling with a monstrously fun twist!

Mario Adventure

Another great and fun Mario adventure game!

Zelda Collecting Pills

The Legend of Zelda with a Pac-Man whammy!

Pac Madness

The maddest pac-man game on-line!

Stickman Odo 2

Point and click stickman adventure game - extreme fun!

Ninja Ninja

Fight a legion of evil ninjas as the legendary Black Ninja

Freaky Fun

A 25-level freaky fun squirrel adventure!

Ogg the Squirrel Hunter

Help Ogg the Squirrel hunter kill squirrels!


Go on a cool adventure as an evil fighting Ninjaman!

Gem Shop

Match dazzling gems to make glittering pieces of jewelry!

Hyper Sphere

Regain control of your space station!

Super Soldier

Non-stop shooting, jumping and exploding action!

Fear Unlimited

Step up - have no fear. Slaughter the satanic army!

Shotgun Orc

Avenge thoughs who killed your brethren.

Iron Ranger

Help Iron ranger complete all of the labrynths.

Musco Morpha Maggot in Distress

Save the little maggot from distress!

Iron Crusade

Retro style shooting game.

Zorro Tank

You have 1 day to save the city!


Escape the factory.

Mario Star Catcher 2

Reach for the stars in this Mario game.

Wheels of Salvation

Travel up the wheels to ground level.


Fight the bad guys and dont get killed.


Escape the maze before time runs out.

Hobbit Rampage

A little hobbit adventure.


Adventure game with Mouse and Cheese.

Tubbys Big Adventure

Eat as much food as you can!

Sub Zero

Play this flying game and shoot down your enemies.


Very cool fighting game with extroadinary but ordinary characters.

Yeti Snowball

Ride the Snowball and jump the cracks.

Mario Time Attack Remix

Rescue the princess before time runs out.

Super Flash Mario Bros

Flash version of the original.

Shuriken Challenge

Got Ninja skills?


Help Zed fulfill his dream of owning a gold spacesuit.

Prince of Persia

Timed adventure game from the Middle East.

Polar Express Ticket Chase

Your ticket has flown to the side of the train car - get it back!

X Bound

Addictive circular pong game.


Follow this Pendekar in his quest to fight evil.


Great scooby style adventure game.

Wink in the Princess Stealing Dragon

Help Wink rescue the princess.


Classic Arcade Game

Fight Man

Excellent martial art stick figure fighting game.

Jailbird Man

Help Jailbird Man bust his clients out of Jail.

Matrix Bullet Time Fighting

Simple but effective.

Indiana Jones and the Pharoahs Tomb

Great Adventure game

Honey Bunny

Hunt for the Honey

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