Puzzle & Word Games

Red Remover Blast

Remove the reds!

Tricky Fish

Cute fish puzzle


Save the captured jellies!


A clever math game!

Snoring Before Time

Wake up the snorer!

Monsterland 4

Wake up the monster


Climb the world!

10 Gnomes In Venice

Find the gnomes!

Letter Monsters

Combine the letter mosters


Make your universe

City Wizard

Build your city!

2048 Bricks

Clever number game


Paint all the colored shapes!

Fly Kitty Fly

It's a flying cat!

Invert Selection

Select the tiles!


Repeat the patterns

Sweep Miner

Save the kids!

Simple Squares

Simple square puzzler

Quad Cop

Defeat the bandits!

Quantum Of Light

A light-guide puzzle

Knight Slider

Puzzle mixed with battling action!

Cover Orange Journey Wild West

The journey continues!


Addictive puzzle game

Freezy Mammoth

Freezing physics game

Squid Skid

Save your brother

2048 goku

Play 2048 with Goku

Liquid Measure Crystal Water

Test your measuring skills


Light up the cute blobs

Arranje That Level Pack

Arrange the shapes

Rollin Tot

Help the cute rolling tot!


Match all the bots

Wanna Oranges

Feed the cute panda


Geometry-based puzzler

Mystery Temple

Explore the temple


Dwarven platformer


Fun math game

Drawfender Level pack

Draw and defend!

Disaster Will Strike 3

Destroy the evil eggs

Cat Around Africa

Explore Africa!


A minimalistic puzzle game

Mini Heads

Knock the hats off!


Soapy puzzle

Galactic Gems 2 NF

Galactic matching game

Hares Harvest

Hare is hungry!

Icebreaker The Gathering

Viking unfreezing mission!

Dungeon Blocks

Build your dungeon!

Weirdo Xmas

Knock off weirdos

Monkey Go Happy Tales 2

Make the monkey happy

Fraction Matching

Think quick!

Reach The Star

Collect all the stars

Color Joy 2

Help the colorful blocks

Little Witch Solitaire

Bewitching solitaire


Terrain-altering puzzle

Find The Candy Winter

It's Candy time again!

Ancient Maya Treasures

Thrilling jewel matcher!

Interactive Puzzle

This puzzle is alive!

Puzzle Legend

Solve the puzzles in the dungeon

Doyu Hex Control

Hexagonal conquering!

Circus Level Pack

Welcome to the circus!

Concentric Holic

Concentric puzzle!


Cute mahjong game!

Where Is My Beard

Beards rule!

Rock Garden

Zen-like matching game

Night Lights After Dark

Night lights sequel

Cover Orange Journey Pirates

Save the brave orange


RPG meets Minesweeper

Castle Keeper

Tame the dragons

Submachine Ancient Adventure

Ancient temple adventure

Sokoboom 2

Cute crate pusher

Rogue Horse

Clever chess-based game

Cover Color Game

Match the pattern!

Cheapskates 2

Get rich!


Get to 25!


Add and win

Car Toons 3

Funny car physics puzzle

Doors 2

Find the right door!


Be the rescue hero!


Colorful platformer game

Keep An Eye

Weird and funny game


Copy and paste platforms!

Scrap Metal

Program the robot fight!

Giraffe Hero

Save your friends

Gravity Boy

Gravity boy adventure


Defeat the viruses


Explosive blocks!

Color Instinct

Re-colour yourself!

Amigo Pancho 4

Amigo is back!

The Flood Inception Part 2

Don't touch the lava!


Addictive arkanoid game


Collect the stars

Cover Orange Journey Knights

Orange the time traveler!

Plexus Valentines

Fun Plexus puzzle

Space Crash

Help the cute alien


Reconstruct the images

Electro Appliances

Power up the appliances!

Horse Jump

Clever chess-based game


An experiment gone wrong!

Candy Matcher

Match the candy

Ugly Towers

Stacker game with a twist!


Free the kittens!

Shapefold 2

Restore the shapes

Trollface Quest 4

Olympic trolling!

The Right Way

Guide the cute robot


Brain-training puzzle

Revive the Monster

Unfreeze the cute monster

ClickPlay Time 4

Time to click again!

Cut It

Bring back the life!

Dont Move

A game about games


Fast wordz making


Cook a soup!

Bubble Panda

Flying panda escape

Push Out Circles

Clever little puzzle


Smash the zombies!

Bury My Bones

Help the skeleton!

Candy Ride

Eat all the candy!

Ten Is Again

Time to calculate!

Willy Likes Cookies

Feed Willy!

Cookie Needs Jam

Help the cookie meet jam!

Atomic Puzzle Xmas

Festive atomic puzzle

Gift Rush

Deliver the gifts!


Complete the square

Ancient Jewels 3 Cleopatra Treasures

Find ancient jewels

A Bonte Christmas

Get ready for Christmas!

Greedy Sheriffs

Grab the treasures!

Live Puzzle 2 Christmas Edition

Live Christmas puzzle!

Santas Candy

Collect candy for Santa!

Gem Grab 2013

Grab the gem!


Solve puzzles to reach the exit!

Animals Home Free

Free the cute animals!

ClickPlay Time 3

It's ClickPlay time again!

Monkey Go Happy Elevators 2

More monkeys and elevators!

Colors And Numbers

Elegant math game

Find The Candy

Keep looking!


Match the cubes

Joy Stacker

Wacky stacking game

Blob Thrower

Reunite the blobs


Not-so-hidden objects!

Snail Bob 5

Bob's in love!

Gears and Chains 2

Awesome gear puzzle


Slow-motion hedgehog action!

Set The Stage

Cute circus puzzle


Connect the nodes

Good Daddy 2

Take care of the boy

Toucan In The Jungle

Feed the toucan!

Bomb Besieger

Blast the evil knights!

Chicken House 2 Bored

Squash the chickens!


Draw and defend!

The Lost Octopus

Save the octopus!

Four Boxes

Harder than it looks!

Physics Symmetry 3

Achieve the perfect symmetry

Cheese Barn Level Pack

Feed the ever-hungry mouse!

Golden Scarabaeus

Collect the treasure!

I Saw Her Too With Lasers

Cure the zombies

Chu Rescue 2

Help Chu last till morning!

Chamber Door

Open the Door!


Cat balancing act!

Mosaic Mingle

Speedy mosaics!

Catchy Orbit

Catch the orbs!

Pirate Monsters

Blow up the pirates!

Free To Glow

Free the fireflies!

Detective Clara

The curious fridge affair!

Go Home Block

Take the Block home!

Cheese Hunt 2

Feed the mouse!

Sweet Floyd

Eat the cake!


Get happy!


Count to ten!

ClickPlay Time 2

It's Clickplay time again!

Glow Grid

Match and glow!

Aeolus Shift

Tough gravity shifting

Totems Awakening 2

Wake up the totems!

Yummy Nuts 2

Feed the squirrel!

Magic Layers

Layer to win!

Alligator Like Duck

Where is my ducky?

Armed To The Teeth

Help the viking!

Tarsys Balloons

Pop the balloons!

Me And The Key 3

Find the key!

Age Of Wonder

Spread the knowledge!

Alice In Clumsy Land

Help the rabbit!

Robot Go Home

Help the robot!

Lunar Escape

Escape from the station!

Signum Project

Constellation mastery!

Dr Acorn Level Pack

The Doctor is back!

Chick Cannon 2

Get the chick into the coop!


Get social!

SliceGeom 2 Level Pack

Slice it!

Lost Galaxy

Retro adventure game!

Clickplay Time

Click to play!

Are You Stupid

Think out of the box!

Neptune Mahjong Connect

Match the sea treasures!

Galactig Gems 2 Accelerated

Fast paced matching game

Cut The Monster

Slice those monsters!

Magic Hat

Magical matching game

Lucky Crab

Be the richest crab!

Clover Flower

Grow your flower!


Colorful puzzle game

Flooded Village Holland

Water Holland!

Crash Town

Traffic control madness!

Come Solve The Show

Circus comes to town!

Live Puzzle 2

Complete the puzzles!

Slice The Box Remaster

Slice and win!


Jelly physics fun!


Collect the crystals

Greed For Coins

Become greedy!

Froggy Cupcake

Feed the frog!

Gnome Garden

Help the gnomes in the garden!

Just A Trim Please

Mow the lawn!

Epic Blast

Blasting time!


Find the words!

Need Water

Where is the water?

Cheese Barn

Eat the cheese!

Go Virus

Expand and infect!

Teddies And Monsters

Teddy go happy!

Orbit Breaker

Break the planets!

Chess maxi

Maxi chess challenge!

Dwarf Coins

Collect the coins!

Mine It

Minecraft-themed puzzle

Ballad of the Cube

Rescue your princess!

Leave Me A Clone

Clone yourself!


Entertain the audience!


Pathologically addictive!

Sushi Vs Blockies

Survive the sushi attack

Monkey Go Happy Guess

Guess the words!

Cat Around Asia

Feed the cat!


Wrrrmz and mushrrrmz!

Disappearing Path

Follow the disappearing path!

Vampire Cannon LP

Vampire ballistics!

Winter Slider

Match and slide!

Twisted Kingdom

Build your kindgom!


Atmospheric puzzle

Swap It Et 3

Swap colorful gears!

OMG Doors

Escape from OMG doors!

Night Lights

Night time puzzling

Safety First

Safety signs always seem so obvious!

Rolling Ghosts

Save the ghost blobs!

Accurate Boy

Get your boat back!

Jelly Alien

Jellicious puzzle!


Save the ice cube!

Paintworld 2

Survive in monster world

Black Side

Flip over!

Cute Owl 2

Make some noise in the woods!


Box-pushing puzzler


Color the monsters!


Feed the Wurm!

All We Need Is Brain Level Pack

Eliminate the zombies!

Isoball 3

Isometric puzzler


Gem matching battle

Gnomeland Security

Get rid of the gnomes!

Screw the Nut

Underwater mechanics!

Mushbits 2

Eat the mushbits!

Monsters Hill

Monsters matching frenzy

Cheese Race

Steal the cheese!

Monsterland 3 Junior Returns

Junior never sleeps!

Everyone Together

All together now!

Red N Green 2

Everybody likes candy!

Monster Must Die LP

Monster puzzle game


Transport the bots!


Rescue the lost astronauts!

Jungle Jons

Find the treasure!

Blow And Raze

Demolish the buildings!

Horror Errors

Find the horror errors!

Team of Robbers

Collaboration is the key!

Natural Selection

Catch the flies!

Disaster Will Strike 2

Break the eggs!

Snail Bob Space

Explore the Space!

Fanged Fun Players Pack

Fanged physics game!

Fit It Quick

Fit the shapes!

Edge of Evil

Hero or monster?

Banana Breakers

Break the code!

New Splitter Pals

Split and feed!

Paper Pirates

Knock down the pirates!

Feed Me Moar

Feed the monsters!


Collect your money!

Wendy In Roboville

Find the differences!

Gemollection Level Pack

Collect the gems!


Mine space minerals!

India Secrets

Discover the beautiful country!

Together Till The End

A neat puzzle story!


Kolorful adventure

Atomic Puzzle 2

Molecular matcher

Liquid Measure 3 Poison

Pour the poisons!

Bristlies Level Pack

Put bristlies in their boxes!

Puzzle Story

Solve the dark secret

Troll Canon 2

Epic troll launcher

On The Run

Calculate and escape!

Simple Motions

Do the motions!

Oh My Candy Level Pack

Feed the hamster!


Cut and divide!

Layer Maze Part 4

Enter the multilayer maze!

Box Cooperation


Red White Slice

Slice the red off!

Rolling Fall 3

Knock off the zombies!

Puzzle Monsters

Knock the monsters off the islands!

Slice The Box

Puzzle cutter!

Balls Brothers

Free the brothers!


Get your eye back!

Down the Rabbit Hole

Go down the hole!

Sticky Blobs

Get sticky!

Cat Shmat

Feed the cat!

Liquid 2

Flow the Liquid!

Super Stacker 2

Addictive stacker!

Laser Cannon

Shoot the monsters

Cosmo Gravity

Space gravity switcher

Match And Remove PP

Match to remove

Hit The Troll PP

Get rid of the trolls!

Agent Higgs

Hide Agent Higgs!

Deep Sea Mahjong

Underwater Mahjong Game!

Winter Insomnia

Collect the apples!

Spite and Malice

A game of Skip-Bo

Pour the Fish Level Pack

Pour the fish!

Orange Gravity 2 Level Pack

Fruity gravity game


Time to link!

Cyclops Physics

Sort the Cyclops

Gang Blast 2

Blast the bandits!




Stack! Stack! Stack!

Bubble Sky

Shoot and match!


Cute box matcher

TNT Zombies 2

Blast the zombies

They Have Stolen Our Sun

Get the sun back!

Shine Wars

Sun against the Moon

Werebox 2

It's back!


Avoid self-collision!

Save the Astronauts

Protect the astronauts

Click the bolt

Get the candy!


Swap the hexagons!

Spin Spin 2

Time to spin again!

Spin Spin

Spin to find your girlfriend

Evil Asteroids 2

Destroy the asteroids!

Seahorse Bubble Escape

Save the Seahorse!

People On My Lawn 2

Get rid of the astronauts!

Cat Around Europe

Gourmet adventure!

A Team for the Job

Gather your team!

Wake up the Box 5

Don't let him sleep

Free Aliens

Free the aliens!

Balloons Vs Zombies

Destroy the zombies!

Jewelanche 2

Match the gems

Smiley Showdown 2

Smiley reaction

Pirates Arctic Treasure

Get the treasure!

Remove The Dinosaurs

Dino physics!

Wish Totems

Fulfil some wishes!

Music Box of Life 4

Open the box of life

Electric Joint

Match the particles!

Ubooly and Friends

Find your friends!

Blocky Christmas

You are a star!

Gifts Pusher 2

Push the gifts!

Flooded Village Xmas Eve

Xmas flooding!

Christmas Stocking

Stuff the stockings!

Emily and Magic Maze

Escape the maze!

Christmas Gifts

Deliver the presents!

Dummy Crusher 2

Crush the dummies!

Tumble Towers 2

Tumble down!

Bubble Fox

Shoot the bubbles!

Ocean Pieces

Find and match!

Stream Master

Connect the balls

Icy Gifts 2

Free Santa!


Nom the candy!

Liquid measure 3

Pour and measure

Amigo Pancho 3

Take off amigo!

Gibbets Santa in Trouble

Save Santa!


Reach the exit!

Monsterland 2 Junior Revenge

Wake up the lazy block!

Snowball Siege 2

Box dropping sequel!

Galactic Gems 2

Brilliant match 3 game!

Orbox C

Bigger and better!

Ultimate Waterfalls

The waterfalls are back!

Happy Monsters Friends

Make the monsters happy!


Are you furious yet?


Be the first robot!

Super Space Roller 2

Paint the space!


Be a king of duotasking!

Maximum Frustration 2

A frustrating and fun platformer!


Build your city

Treasure Seekers Lost Jewels

Find the lost jewels!

Find the cow

Where is the cow?

Snowball Siege

Drop the presents!

Night Flies

Let there be light!


Feed the bunnies!

Dolly the Sheep

Escape the lab!




Help the monsters meet!

Memento Monster

Match monsters with weapons

Home Sheep Home Lost Underground

Shaun the Sheep goes Underground

Bubble Friends

Help the bubble friends

Paper Train

Control railway traffic!

Unfreeze me

Save the birds

Unagi 16

Solve the puzzles!


Knock down blue balls

Moony Boom

Knock the moon down!

Little Witchs Mess

Find the Witches things

Two Pipes

Reach the pipe!

Haunted Halloween

Get your head back!

Fluffy Steel

Squirrel vs Zombies!


Light up the hexagons!

Demon Destroyer

Knock down the demons!

Protect Tommy

Save Tommy from bad boys

Keep The Balance

Balance the shapes

Draw and Fly

Fly through space


Eat all the dots!

Catch the Candy Halloween

Spooky candy catching

Blinkz 2

Unite the blocks!

Tripeaks Halloween

Halloween themed Solitaire

Waterfalls 3 Level Pack

Direct the water flow!

Sugar Sugar 2

Very sweet puzzle


Adventures of a moody box

Release the Mooks 3

Balance colorful critters!

Physics Symmetry 2

Restore the symmetry!

Future Buddy

Get in the box!


Blow up the bombs!


Load the cargo

My Little Circuits

Complete the robots

Physics Cup Playoffs

Win the play-offs!

Kaboomz 4

Pop the balloonz!

Go robots

Go robots, go!

Chicken House 2

Beat the chickens!

Electro Combo

Addictive chain reaction game

Magic Well

Magical balls matching!

Mummy blaster

Blast the mummies!

Arranje that

Arrange the shapes!


Fold the shapes!

Binga 3

Solve the puzzles!

Spiters Level Pack

Destroy the Spiters!

FruitJong Mahjong

Mahjong in 3D!

Twelve O

Clock madness!

Sticky Linky

Stick together!

Spartans vs Goblins

Make a move!

Aliens In The Box Deluxe

Place aliens in the box!


Score a goal!


Hop in the tube!

Princess Rose

Deliver the presents!

Cargo Bridge 2

Build the bridges!

Stupid Jerks

Make all shapes fall!

Pour the fish

Fish pouring puzzle!


Easy Mahjong game

Land of Mines

Explode the monsters!

Cookie Hamster

Feed the Hamster!

Clickplay Quickfire

Click Play!


Save the world!

Digital Upgrade Decoded

Match and upgrade!

Fruit Joy HD

Swap the fruits!

You are still a box

Be the box!

Yin Yang Mahjong

Match the opposite tiles!


Smash the fruits!

Three Olympic Medals

Roll medals to the podiums.

Pursuit of Hat

Get back your hat!

Rolling Football 2

Think, drop and score goals!

Kill Pirates Level Pack

Use the bombs kill all pirates

Crazy Croquet

Beat the queen of croquet!

China Tower Mahjong

Classic game of mahjong

Recursion game

Mind-bending puzzle platformer!

Discover London

Discover the London's sights!

Zoo Mahjongg

Combine 4 tiles!

Gem Swap Luxury

Swap the gems

Flooded Village

Flood the village!

White Random

Reach the exit


Kill all the zombies!

Zombie Die Hard

Destroy the zombies

Railway Valley Missions

Old-school train puzzle game

Accurate Slapshot

Hockey meets minigolf!

One and One Story

Love, pain and life

Funny Bunny

Lead bunnies to safety!

Gaps Solitaire

Arrange the cards!

That Bomb Game

Blast those pesky blocks!


Fast paced hexagon swapping!

Chief Eagle Solitaire

Help Chief Eagle!

Bears Love Cakes

Feed the bear!

Puzzle Bonsai Numbers

Make the tree bloom!

Cowboy Gin Rummy

Wild west card game!

Friends Party Makeup

Stealth make up session

Rolling Football

Roll the football to the goal!

Little Animal Rescue

Cute physics puzzler!


Get rid of the mines!

Brain Racer

Test your counting skills!

Jolly Jong Journey

Mahjong game with a twist!

Kill Pirates

Explode those pirates!

Move Gems

Colorful puzzle and have fun

Graffiti Solitaire

Colorful solitaire game

Halloween Clix

Eliminate the ghosts and ghouls!

Jolly Jong 2

Colorful Mahjong game

Zombie King

Zombie King action!

Forty Thieves Solitaire Gold

Addictive solitaire game

Pool Lines

Addictive balls liner!

Ninja vs Zombie

Fight the brain-eaters!

Christmas Balance

Load Santa's sleigh!

Gem Fusion

Gem madness!

Headless joe

Help headless robot!

Spongebob Super Stacker

Stack the blocks!

Mayan Mahjong

Discover the Mayan world!

Grid Shock

Fast paced matching!

Space survivors

Save the astronaut!

Sport Matching

Match sport balls!

Ducklings Adventure

Reveal the ugly duckling story!

Steampunk Player Pack

Save steampunk heroes!

The Village Revisited

The puzzle comes alive!

Super Santa Kicker 2

Kick Santa into chimneys!

Antique Treasures

New free online mahjong game

Happy Easter Mahjong

Easter-themed Mahjong

Friendly Wormholes

Send aliens to wormholes!

Mementos of Closeness

Find hidden objects!


Beat the fruits!

Connect Me Please

Connect the buildings!

Strange Invaders

Stop the alien invasion!

Discover USA

Explore US landmarks!

Cut And Kill

Kill the monster!


Blast the Zombies!

Creepy Columns

Fast paced scary game!

Lost Jewelry

Find the lost jewellery!

MushBooms Level Pack

The Mushbooms return!

The Wizard of Blox 2

Make the blocks disappear!

Boss vs Employee

Survive in the office!

Ninja Frog

Be a frog ninja!

Wild West Solitaire

Klondike type Solitaire

Disco Cubes

Roll and match colored cubes!

Bubble Shotter 3

Addictive bubble popping!

Porcupine Pop

Pop some balloons!

Penguin Slice Valentine

Slice these birds!

Big Ben Mahjong

Mahjong - London style!

Space Tower

Build the transmission tower!

Lazy Goat Sleepwalking

A sleepwalking adventure!

Spongebob Food Skewer

Feed Sponge Bob!

Rolling Tires 3

Repair the cars!


Shoot colorful bullets!


A musical chain reaction game.

Orange Gravity

Collect all lemons on screen.

Ancient Persia Solitaire

Fun solitaire game

Mahjong Classic

Classic Mahjong game

Prizma Puzzle Challenges

Prismatic puzzler!

Match 3 Adventure

Make your hero attack!

Birthday in Office

Find hidden objects!


Wordoku is like Sudoku!

Weird Uncle Matching

Click and remove tiles!

Eat The Fish

Shoot cats and catch fish!

Blitz 13

Mahjong meets solitaire!

Christmas Match

Match Christmas items!

Gifts Pusher

Push the gifts around!

Greens Survive only when Reds Die

Save the Greens!

Match To Enjoy

Match the flowers!

Rich Mine 2 Xmas Pack

Help the gnome collect ornaments

Aliens in a Box

Box the alien!

Tremor Hatch

Make the egg hatch!

Animal Kingdom Quiz

Test your knowledge!

e3D The Pyramid

Escape the Pyramid

Stone Age Mahjong Connect

Connect and match tiles

Nutty Boom

Get the golden nut!

Galactic Gems

Galactic match 3!

Memory Crystal Balls

Test your memory!

Black Jack Puzzle

Black Jack game

Imperfect Balance 3

Destruction continues!

Bottle Caps

Match bottle caps!


Knock the Mushrooms down!

Jelly Pop

A cute match 3 game

Castle Solitaire

Play Solitaire in beautiful castles

Find Words

Find hidden words!

Smiley Puzzle 2

Match funny smileys!

Pumpkin Master

Roll the pumpkins!


Fill the boxes!

Zac Efron

Dressup Zac Efron.

Pearl Breaking

Remove pearls

Super Mario Connect

Play the Super Mario Connect game.

Farm Connect 3

Play the Farm connect game.

Fun Math

Give your brain some training!

Golf Solitaire Pro

Golf styled Solitaire

Ben 10 Spot The Not

Spot the differences

Voltorb Recovery

Recharge the Voltorb

Flags of the World

fast-paced flags quiz game

Happy Builder

Builder of the Year competition!


Cut the chains!

House Estate

Buy and sell houses!

The Brain Game

Test your brain in 6 fun

The Smurfs Olympic Memory

The Smurfs memory olympic game.

Light it

Light up the bulbs!

Waterfalls 3

Put water in shapes

Light it 2

Click on a wire to rotate

Scare The Birds

It's your task

Hit Logic Level Pack

Hit Logic is back!

Escape 3D The Jail

Find a way out

Stalk the Frog

Catch that frog!


Mad math game

Babys Big Adventure

Baby wants milk!

Escape 3D The Factory

Escape the abandoned factory!

Truck Rush Seasons

Avoid the blocks


Classic match 3 game

Rotating Bubble

Shoot the bubbles!

Diving Adventure

Underwater match 3


Find the differences!

The last one

Space Invaders meets Breakout!

Mario Friends Rescue

Help Mario reach his friends

Super Bingo

Bingo game

Expanded It

Expand and grow!

Badgicon 2

Is a simple match 3 game

Hard Ball Boy

Hit brick untill it breaks!


Play and arrenge brick game!

Maria and Sofia Go Biking

Tour and play around the city!

Easy Joe

Help Joe pass things!

Copy Celebrity Looks

Copy looks of your favorite stars.

Copy Celebrity Looks 2

Copy style of your favorite celebrity.

Fair Day

Fair day shopping

Tumble Towers

These towers will come crashing down!


Remove all the blocks

Discover Egypt

Discover the monuments of Egypt

Roly Poly Eliminator 2

Destroy all the evil Roly Polys!

Wild West Treasures

Match 3 in wild west style

Word Groove

A fun new word-puzzle game


Assemble the cars

GemClix Blitz

Gem matching fun!

ClickDEATH 2 Oil Rig

Stop the stickmen workers.

Jewel City by FlashGamesFan

Classic match three

Capital Of The World Quiz

Whats your Capital?

Color World Origins

Shoot balls from your cannon

Smart Owl

Help these nerdy owls!

Moai Mahjong

Easter Island mahjong

Mahjong Connect 3

Speedy tiles matching!

Mahjong Connect 2

Match the tiles!

Physics Cup 3

Football meets physics!

Snow White Solitaire

Play Solitaire with Snow White!

Hexa Pool

Match and remove pool balls!

Catch the Candy Mech

Catch the Candy!

Cheese Solitaire

Play freecell cheese style!

Mahjong Redo

Play 3 cool mahjong layouts.

Diamond Shift

Destroy the gems!

Forest Meetings

Make forest creatures meet!

Zuma Kangaroo

Kangaroo goes Zuma!

Tree of Life

Help the elementals!

Twin Cakes

Match sweet pastries!

Halloween Love Potion

Spot the differences between each scenes

Birds Town

Match the bird to right place

Hidden Numbers Ice Age

Find the numbers hidding on image.


Bubble two same fish, score points!


Find your way home


Get five stones in one row

Machines Planet

Build machines to smash the zombies

China Mahjong

Play Mahjong in Ancient China


Match the jewels

Happy Matching

Have fun matching tiles!

The Railway Robots Road Trip

Save your Robo-Girl!

Forest song

Help birds sing their song

Cute Leke Lost Ball

Four same lekes to remove

Heavenly Machine

Pop colourful balls!

Color Infection 3

Infect all yellow balls

Bomb Face Connect

Match funny-faced bombs!


Test your logic skills!

Bieber ultimate quiz

Do you know Justin?


An addictive Goo Ball popping game

Fruit Match Puzzle

A juicy match three!

Pieces of Horus

Dare you enter the unseen pyramid

Kamikaze Blocks 2 Antigravity

Feed monsters!

Death to Trolls

Death to annoying and ugly Trolls!

Acool Online Jigsaw

Restore jigsaw pieces

Sapphire Room Escape

Now you have all Sapphires...

Penga Fruit

Play with lovely fruit!


Shooting the bubbles

Delightful Fruits

Match more fruits to eliminate them.


A simple logic game!


Fun Filled Puzzle Game

Flower Match

Click two flowers to swap them

Mahjong Connect

Play the time based game

Mahjong Ace

Match patterned pairs of tiles

Magilla Gorilla Pet Shop Cleaning

Clean up the mess

Golf Solitaire

Play at card pile

Bar Balance

Get the highest score possible

Witch Jigsaw Puzzle

Play cool Halloween puzzle game

Hulk with Friends Fix My Tiles

Find original picture adjusting slots

Bob Lucky Fish

Help Bob solve difference puzzles

Mahjong Fun

Arrenge tiles in pairs

Ladystar Difference

Find differences between two pictures

Doyu Card Battle

Beat the CPU opponents!

Spring Flowers

Try finding differences between pictures

Jungle Ruins

Escape ancient ruins!

Chalk Bounce

a bouncing ball board

Bricks in Space

Arrange bricks appropriately

Brains Still Roll

Adorable brain-eating zombies!


Click on the correct solution

Night Stones

Simple puzzle game

Rolling Hero 2

Puzzle game


destroy three sea shells in line

Twilight Puzzle

Create a beautiful picture in puzzle

Rich Piggy

Insert the gold coin in piggy

Ice Cream Challenge

Remember the ice cream order

Ranch Connect 4

Join the animals

3D Bigfoot Maze

Escape maze with bigfoot truck

Vacation Mogul

Build your resort

Valentine's Cake

Make a cake!


Bomb the structures!

Diamond Valley 2

Line up similar diamonds to proceed

Water Ragdoll 2

Play with living ragdoll

Wedding Cakes

Creat most beautiful wedding cake

Wedding Shoppe

Shop the girls wedding gowns fast

Festival Fever

Arrange a festival

Toy Store

Upgrade your shop for more profit


Find the differences!

Jewellery Expert

Hidden object game

Blocked In

brain boggling block pushing puzzle

Yellow Cat Ice Cream

Run the restaurant service

Drag and Shoot

A fun physics shape puzzler


Get the stattuete on marked block

Combine Ultra

Combine colored balls into new colors

Polar Slide

Push and crack ice cubes!

Feed the Mooks

Fill the belly!

Beat Barrel

This is physical puzzle

Fruit Puzzle

Classify fruits to different groups

Ragdoll Catapult

Be the best regdoll smasher

Merchant Ship Hidden Objects

Online Hidden Object Game

Black and White Mahjong 2

Combine tiles

Pancake Master

Serve pancake to your customers

Obama vs Aliens

Defeat the aliens and rescue pandas

Obama at Home

Complete the give tasks on time

Sami's Pet Care

Treat the pets with care

Sabina Jewelry 2

Find hidden objects


Raise all sunken ships

Find The Suspect: Extended Edition

Memory game

Pet Matching

Take some time to match the pets

Owl Spin

Save the owl from nasty bats

Bathroom Escape

Try to escape ftom the bathroom!


Is the simple match 3 game

Inflate Us

Inflate people-blocks in their quest!

Bouncing Smiley

Shoot them smiles

Pingu's Quest

Help Pingu reach the fish!

Color Cleaner

Remove all the blocks!

Chicken House

Solve Puzzles with Angry Chickens!

Magic Rune Matching

Have fun with those magic runes!

Paper Floods

Save the dude from drowning!

Enigmatic letter story

Find the hidden objects...

Fairy Garden

Shoot three similar flowers

Pick & Dig

Clear your way through the puzzle maze

Bad Kid's Homework

Physics based coin rolling puzzle game

Battle Scribes

Duel with words

Burger Cat

Guide the cat to tasty burgers

Cafe Swap Puzzle

Match three similar object in row


Can you finish 10 numeric sequences?

Painted Eggs

Remember the color of the egg

Rescue Bear 2

Your mission: Save the bears!

Snail Quest

Help Hungry Snail find leaf food

Brickshooter deluxe

Destroy 3 or more colour bricks

A Bugs Life - Hidden Objects

Find bugs quick!

Building Blaster 2 Players Pack

50 new fan-created levels to blast!

Building Blaster 2

The master blaster is back!

Building Blaster

Controlled demolition action!

The Scruffs Online

Find hidden treasures and uncover the secret!

Under Construction

Addictive Brick Builder!

Jewels Gear

Matching with a twist!

Atlantis Quest Online

Unlock the secrets of Atlantis!


Twisted spelling bee!


bunch a fiver!

Sobics School 2

Match up with Sobics!

Arachnid Falls

Type & save your cherries!

Orbox B

Sequel to Orbox!

Crazy Cube

Be a crazy cube-star!

Rainbow Web Online

Spin a magical web of color

Fun Match

Match animals for fun!

Tower Blaster

Take on the fearful Vikings in this numbers puzzler!

Arcade Lines Online

The original lines puzzle game

Jewel Of Atlantis

Discover the Jewel Of Atlantis!

Speedy Shooter

Play a fun and challenging bust-a-move style puzzle game!

Goofy Gopher

Test your memory in this slick goofy gopher game


Extinguish a fire by connecting water pipes - addicting!

Gem Shop

Match dazzling gems to make glittering pieces of jewelry!

Connect 2

Match two of the same kind.

Hunga Basic Needs

Connect the pipes so that water reaches the land.


A game inspired by the bathroom tiles.


Escape the maze before time runs out.

Sudoku Original

The original japanese sudoku game.

Jewel Quest Online

The gem-matching adventure game!


2D Play's version of hangman.


A firm favorite with puzzle game lovers.

Bloomin Gardens

Clear your garden before it becomes completely overgrown!

Road Blocks

Guide the ball through this maze of road blocks.

Rotate Mania

Roate pieces to eliminate them.

Mahjong Quest Online

Epic Mah Jong with a twist. An engaging cinematic story!


See how many moves you take to complete the puzzle.

Ultra Block

Eliminate blocks before they reach the top!

Quick Pic

Fun and fast paced memory game.

Rickshaw Jam

Try and get this rickshaw out by moving the cars around it.


Thinking skill game involving magnets.


Great puzzle/skill game from free online games.

The Nightmare Before Hallaween the 13th

Memory game involving scary stuff.


Group three or more of the same coloured bubbles to pop them.


Awesome mind bending puzzle game!

Maed Path

Stay on track of the moving path.


Brainteaser Maze Game.


Fun hangman game.


Stop the blocks from reaching the top or the game is over.

Click N Slide

A puzzle game with great images.


Follow the pattern of lights and sounds for as long as you can remember them.

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