Throwing Games

Tower Breaker

Ruin the castles!

Angry Animals 3

These animals are angry!

Montys Moon

Reach the moon!


Restore the garden!

Canoniac Launcher 2

Launch the robot!

Gem Rush

Shoot the gems!

King Oddball

Conquer the world!

Berzerk Ball 2

Geek-kicking madness!


Nom the candy!

Shoot Shoot Pumpkin

Shoot Halloween pumpkins!

Ninja Cannon

Save the world!

Patrick the Postman

Deliver the parcels!

Ice Cream Catapult

Throw the ice cream!

Hammer Throw

Throw the hammer!

Operation Elephant

Elephant launcher

The Elemonator

Throw some lemons!

Ninja vs Zombie

Fight the brain-eaters!

The Base Jumper

Parachute cliff jumping!

Can Smasher

Knock off the cans!

Golem Death Launch

Launch the Golem!

Ninja Frog

Be a frog ninja!

Perfect Throw

Get the perfect throw!

Fling a Thing

Collect the bubbles!

Halloween Shooter

Shoot your favorite Halloween characters!

Darts King

Throw darts at your enemies!

Patrol Comet

Destroy the UFOs

Online Planking Game

Throw random items

Mario Block Ball

Help mario solve the puzzle

Bollywood Toss

Toss Bollywood celebrities!

City Darts

Test your geography knowledge!

Funny Rats

Help the rats fight against cats!

Football Launch

Football themed launching game

Ragdoll Cannon Level Pack

Solve the puzzles by firing ragdoll

Angry Waiter 2

Destroy everything!

IPL Cricket 2012

Play cricket online!

Toss The Coin

A line and length game

Shoot The Dwarf

Launch the dwarf as far as possible!

Mr Vario

Blast Mr. Vario through the sky!

The Official Ready Game

Help Prem in fight for love

Popeye Baseball

Play baseball as Popeye

Learn to Fly 2

Destroy those icebergs!

Kamikaze Blocks 2 Antigravity

Feed monsters!

The Cannon Man

Help the cannon man.

Hungry Little Penguins

Feed hungry penguins!

Penga Fruit

Play with lovely fruit!

World Basketball Championship

Compete for title World Basketball Champion

Mario Sonic Doll

Shoot arrows to save Sonic

Dart King

Shoot darts, get target score

Treasure Cannon

Shoot your Cannon to hit Treasure

Survive The Island

Scooby, Shaggy catch coconuts to survive!

Rush Rush Pizza

Deliver pizza to your clients fast!

Super Archer

You are a stick archer

Wheel of Misfortune

Throw your weapon on target

Tweety Saves The Day

Get medicine but beware of cats

Drag and Shoot

A fun physics shape puzzler

Disco Cannon

Shoot vinyls to the DJ

Ragdoll Catapult

Be the best regdoll smasher

Shoot the player

Try to collect all balls

Cock's Revenge

Kill all the cats

Kill Justin Beaver

Kill him he is super annoying

Boom Boom Bloon

Rescue the good bloons

Burrito Bison

Launch yourself as far as possible!

Slap Gaddafi

Game Over Gaddafi!

Orb Eater

Eat floating balls

Heli Racer

Extreme Chopper racing!

Spider Monkey

Jungle Superhero!

Pinch Hitter

Brill backyard baseball!

Rocket Rescue

A galactic rescue mission!

Sword of Orion

Use the Sword of Orion!

Mini Soccer

Mini soccer madness!

Squirrel Harvest

Nutty Squirrel adventure!

Romanius 2

Romanius continues his revenge!


Cola keepy-up's!

Mini Putt Golf

Fun puttering around!


A battle of titanic propotions!

Fish Eats Fish

Be the tank biggie!


bunch a fiver!

Tennis Challenge

Wimbledon Tennis keep ups!

Go Up the Platform

Mushroom madness!

Tennis Game

Love, Tennis, Match!


Extreme space shooting action!

Run Ronaldo Run

Run Ronaldo, Run!

Robo Slug

Annihilate enemy rebel robots!

Kids Soccer

World cup soccer for kids!

Flea Bag

Classic Dog fight Cat!

The Kitchen of Doom

Spud freeze attack!


Help the little Racoon collect smelly shoes!

King of Defenders

Help Terry score for England!

VR World Cup Soccer

Catch the World Cup fever!

Orbox B

Sequel to Orbox!


Beat the firewall!


Red marks the spot - do you have the skills?

Four Second Fury

Four seconds of complete madness!

Space Ambush

Lone battle with deadly attackers!

Robot War

It's a robot war out there!

Fluff Volleyball

Play volleyball with a puffy fluffy!

Walk in the Clouds

Take a walk in the clouds with the little monster!

The Smurfs Greedy Bakeries

This lil smurf's a greedy little blue bugger!

Unreal Flash

This shooting game is unreal!

Fight Fight 2

Pick a skin, a fight arena, then fight fight fight!

Gavin the Pro Golf Goblin

Play to eliminate the competition!

Roman Rumble

The squirrel goes to Rome in this addicting game from 2DPlay!

Freaky Fun

A 25-level freaky fun squirrel adventure!

Koopas Revenge

Mario and gang ruined Koopas party - now take revenge!

From Space With Love

Convert the war-loving soldiers to pure pacifists!

Undead Assault

Be a brave paladin and slay the undead!

Gem Shop

Match dazzling gems to make glittering pieces of jewelry!

The Shootout

Your last chance to save lives and take on the terrorists!

Wade Vs Star Syndicate

Help Wade reign in the evil stars!

Love Set Match

Come on tennis ace, show us your game!

Fish Tales

Help Sunny be a big fish in a big ocean


Click the fireworks the same colour as the cursor to score points.

Urban Swat

Swat as many of these pesty flies as possible.


Orbit the blue planets for as long as you can.

Midnight Strike

Action shooting game with a number of missions.


Avoid the green circles for as long as you can.

Iron Crusade

Retro style shooting game.

Ultimate Potato

Fight for your life!

Space Fighters Revolution

Save the universe from a meteoric invasion.


Dont let these balls get eaten by the sea monster.

Urban Wizard

Bust a cap in these enemies.

Legend of the Dragon Fist

Defeat ten opponents to complete the game.


Score a penalty shoot out in this soccer game.

Metroid Genesis

Shoot all the aliens before they kill you!

Squares 2

Hit all the black squares and avoid all the red squares.

Sonic Blox

Sonic's version of tetris.

Sonar 2003

Keep ups with silly funny sound effects!

Tanrei Stadium

Hit those homeruns!

Tanrei Cup

Soccer tournament in the orient.

VR World Cup

Soccer tournament.

The Daring Dozen

The daring dozen dare to get to the top.

Sniper School

Intense training in the sniper vocation

Tennis Ace

A great tennis game.

Whack Your Boss

Whack your boss in cyberspace so you dont have to in real life(?)


Very Advance Tank War Game.

Flash Ball

Battle of the Balls

Gohans Adventure 2

Second part to Gohans Adventure.

X Bound

Addictive circular pong game.

Paper Toss

For those mundane office days.

Spiderman Trapeze

Help spiderman get across the city.


Highly addictive skill game.


Thinking skill game involving magnets.

Fire at Will

Target practice shooting game.

Fight Man

Excellent martial art stick figure fighting game.


Help Average Joe's dodgeball team to win the championship.

Missile Strike

Destroy all incoming comets.

Mini Putt

Terrific carpet golf game.

Midget Tossing

Practice theold sport of midget tossing

Hit the Looser

Hit the Looser in 10 shots.

Lander X

Get the spaceship from one point to another.

Kung Fu Fighter

Awsome kung fu fighting flash game.


Help this yeti get revenge on imposing skiers by snowballing them.

The Hedgehog Game

Bungy over as quickly as you can to the hedgehogs house, avoids the red lava.

Happy Pill

Spread the joy!

Happy Heks

Help an old witch find all the ingredients for her magical potion...

Gunny Bunny 2

The Bunny with the Guns returns.

Frantic Killer

Definite must-play.

Footie Kick

Strange twist on the game of football.

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